Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rushed again

I think I need to return to work. I am busier now than ever - oh, wait a minute - G needs to go back to work! Yesterday was teeth cleaning, eye exams with a lunch thrown in. Geesh!

I wanted to tell you a little more about our train trip. We left Houston about 9:30 on the Sunset Limited headed to Las Angeles. The train was actually on time. In fact we had no trains that were late. It was really something. I always tell people to not depend on getting where you are going - unless it's a short trip if you are going by train. When you go by train, it's the trip - not the destination.

Our sleeper was about ready which was good. We really didn't need it made up for sleeping - yet. The tracks between here and San Antonio must have been worked on because the trip was smooth. We had a longish lay over in San Antonio because the train from Chicago hooks up, and there is considerable switching to do. It isn't as bad as it sounds. It is like 3-4 AM. I was completely sacked out. Didn't know a thing about it.

We were on that train for a couple of days. It is a nice trip. Eating in the dining car (included in the ticket), moving around the cars - like to the club car or dome. Even just sitting in your bedroom space is nice. You can really be comfortable. REMEMBER this is not coach.

The second morning we woke to the mountains in California, and the desert on the east of the mountains. It was really pretty.

We were going to change trains in LA. We have been stung before, and this was a leisurely trip. So we planned to take one of the Metro trains to Oxnard. I was a little concerned. I see our "Metro train." It is a little play train. Someday it may grow up into a real train. That was a really neat commuter train. Something I have never experienced. So we were on to Oxnard.

I will pick up there since I need to go to my "drug pusher" Pain clinic on (egad) clinic day. I get the results of the EMG and whatever else.

Peace be with you



I'd love to ride the train from one end of the usa to the other..hmm, wonder if I can.

Marti said...

Oh yea, I want to ride coast to coast too. What about the, um, facilities for those who ride coach? I should go back and read your other posts but I've already forgotten if you mentioned them.