Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm baaaaack

OK, the important part of my day has happened. I was able to watch the Friday installment of All My Children. Watched it as often as I could when teaching because I have been a fan since day 1. Oh well, we all have our little things we do.
SIL works for a national company that manufactures commercial ovens and the like for restaurants, schools, hospitals, and the like. They employ executive chefs to help sell their products. These guys may stay at the plant in Wisconsin and/or travel a bit.

One of them who have been here before was in last night. I thought he was going to cook again. The last time he was here, he made a fish dish with papaya salsa with rice. It was so heavenly. I was hoping he was going to cook again, but SIL wanted to give him the night off (and possibly brag on his own cooking, which is pretty good for a civilian).

But the chef is a very amicable guy regardless. We had hoped my son would be able to come, along with his guitar, but he had other plans. One of SIL's friends,S, and his family came, and lo and behold, he also plays guitar. Chef A had his and his amp.

Originally, Chef A was going to major in music - until he realized that there is no money in it. As soon as you finish one gig, you have to be looking for the next one. So he went to culinary school instead. But he had his guitar last night, so after dinner, around the bottles of wine, he serenaded he with his jazz guitar for several hours.

Occasionally one or the other (Chef A or the friend S) would pick up Lady Bug's little child size guitar and the other on the electric to play. It was great fun.

So that was a long way to introduce my musing for today. Chef A lives in Wisconsin. We were discussing the heat there and the heat here. It got me thinking, where it is so unbearably hot now (and you know of where I speak), your heat is comparable to our cold. The area can be so miserable, either hot or cold (for us), but doesn't last long. We are accustomed to bitter cold that may last up to two or three weeks, more like just days, and the northern states that are suffering so now, it usually lasts just a few weeks. We can handle that which ever area.

Our cold can get to where it kills our vegetation and breaks our pipes, but that temperature doesn't last long. That is something I am glad about!! You have to deal with the heat longer, but it does moderate.

So the ideal thing would be to just alternate living areas with the season! Like the "snow birds" that come to Texas and Florida in the winter. Keeps a more regulated temperature! G is ready to buy a house in Seattle for the summer and return here in the winter.

I don't think that is a real option! The weather is a topic that keeps you talking regardless. We have been blessed with scattered rain. I heard thunder a bit ago, but I think it has passes. Darn it all!

Peace be with you.


JuJu said...

I've lived in SC for over twenty years now and still wonder why! I'd much rather deal with extreme cold than extreme heat! I just can't cool off as easily as I can warm up.

PLEASE tell me Erica got out of that room!


we've had 39 days of over 100 so far..and 22 of them in a row..and the forcast all of the weekend and week is over 100..lows are 80...
the devil called..he want's us to turn the heat down.
welcome home

Judy said...

I handle cold weather a whole lot better then I do this heat we are having. I just want it to get back into the 70's so I can turn off the A/C, open the doors and windows and let the breeze flow through!!

Grandma K said...

Granny, I think the devil is here to stay. I wonder if we will ever be cool again.

Jude - I would love to open my windows and the like! I miss the cool breezes! You are right - I can always put on more clothes or covers. Taking off more than I do is considered obscene!

Marti said...

I think you may be on to something, at least for us in the South.

What a fun evening you had, good food and good music.