Monday, June 30, 2008


We finally got Doodle Bug baptized. Now I can crash, and I certainly feel like doing just that!

The service went flawlessly. She was a charmer. She spent her time at the font flirting with the pastor and her uncle/god father. She didn't get to wear the family dress, but then this baptism was unlike the other two anyway.

Her other grandparents didn't come, but our extended family on this side was able to come. That means my DIL's mother and boy friend and the wife of one of B's friend came. Later in the day, some new friends of S and K came by.

I discovered S and K's oven is actually a Shake and Bake oven. It is about that size, and I really believe the light bulb would heat better!! That meant that everything was tremendously slowed down. I prepped the day before with K and Lady Bug's help. I left the appetizers, baked bries, mini-quiches to that day as well as warming the dips. It took so o o long. What should have taken 30 minutes total really wasn't done in an hour and a half. Finding baking sheets to fit that oven was a real task!

But it's done. I have enough left overs for another small party. I don't really know what I'm going to do with most of them. I think I'll try freezing since we all will be at SSB mid July. It's bound to be eaten then - besides perhaps I can stand to look at it again by then!

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