Thursday, June 12, 2008

Real mixture of thoughts

I've simply got to get better about really coming over here. I don't know what is keeping me from jotting down my thoughts. I think about them all the time, and think about posting them.

I guess posting goes along with my "thing" about passwords these days. I keep forgetting them. Today I even forgot the password for this site. This is really disconcerting! I think I'll just pass it off to the six hours of anesthesia! That's a good idea. It cannot be my mind, it's outside forces!

In progress notes, my fluid accumulation went away. G had to try to get the antibiotic into the drain tube twice. The first time, it went smoothly. Sunday, of course, it wouldn't go. The line became blocked on Saturday and I was able to clear it. It seemed to be doing well on Sunday - until it was time for the antibiotic. We did get two syringes of air in, but when it was time for the antibiotic, there was no go. I called on Monday and they gave me hints. They worked. The antibiotic flowed in on Monday evening. Tuesday I went to the office and thankfully lost the final drain! Yea!! Cowtown, here we come.

I have been keeping Lady Bug off and on for these two weeks. The craft I bought that I thought she would be interested in doing (thus keeping her occupied for hours on end) is a dud. As of now, she toddles off to my bedroom to use "On Demand" or the Disney channel. I know her mom doesn't want her watching that much TV, but when she's here it just works better for me. Yesterday she broke my (brand new) bedside lamp. She has to have plenty of light to watch that blasted TV.

I thought she would be staying with her dad today since he is "working out of the house." That got changed late last night. I don't mind when it is K who has to have me keep her. S abuses the fact that I will keep her. K picks her up as soon as she can. S has a history of keeping her here as late as possible.

That fact almost meant that G was dead set against me keeping Doodle Bug. When Lady Bug and Monkey Boy were infants and I kept them, he would bring them to me, go home to dress, do whatever (including "hitting some balls, etc"), go home to check emails and so on, then change again. THEN he would pick them up. All too often, I had things to do after they left. I would be sitting here just waiting.

I know I should have said something. In these situations, it is a slippery slope. He already has an insecurity thing because of his parents. He gets his feelings hurt at the drop of a hat, and then he cries. K is super protective of him. She often says it's like she is the male in this relationship and he is the female. She is very astute.

So I wonder how long I will have her today. If he gets a golf game in, I will be very angry! I will say something. That may cause a big to-do!

We will be leaving on vacation on Monday. We are going to a National Historic Train Convention. I am really excited about it. We love to ride trains. Both of our trips to Chicago have been really just train trips. For us, it is as much about the trip as the destination. I was so thoroughly surprised to find that I fell in love with Chicago when we got there! Made the whole thing even better.

I know we have one trip included in this vacation. There are many other activities we signed up for. I'm so very thankful I don't have to return to the doctor for two weeks. At one point, I was really wondering just why in the heck I did this. I was all healed. Things were going well. I just hated the prosthesis. For a while, I felt as though I had jumped from the frying right into the fire. While not completely healed, I am doing pretty well. I will have my stitches for another 2 weeks at least, but they are few and are in the irritated skin that doesn't heal well anyway.

I promise I'll be back soon.

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