Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Change of plans

I thought we might be able to get away and go to the SSB this weekend. I was supposed to see the plastic surgeon on Friday, but I called and made the appointment for today. I am really thankful I had the appointment today. My one remaining drain had stopped draining. I didn't think anything of it because it was supposed to come out today.

We got to the appointment in the Med Center, waited a bit and finally got to the exam room. Dr B came in and looked at my back. He said I had fluid buildup. Boy did I ever. After they stripped the tube a few times, we ended up with over 250cc's right there in the office. Had I not planned to leave Friday for the ranch, I really would have had a fluid buildup and it would have been really bad.

I'm glad G was with me. I have been trying to get him to strip this drain, but he never would. I was fairly good at it, but really did think it was finished with its thing! Now he gets to inject the antibiotic into the tube tomorrow and Sunday. I go to the other office for them to do it Friday.

Sometimes I am amazed at how things happen. I was so glad we went today! I am almost equally upset we can't leave, but later in June is a far more important trip. We are going to the National Historic Railroad Association's national convention. I won't miss that one - mainly because we have already paid for a lot of the things we are doing.

In other news, I kept Lady Bug yesterday. She is really fun, and I enjoy her. I thought I had crafting things to keep her busy for hours, but she had other ideas. She completed them in about 30 minutes!! Needless to say, the things I had planned for me didn't get done. I forget she is only 7. She is so mature that I always expect so much that she is unable to do. I still love keeping her here, and best of all, she seems to enjoy being here. That makes things good.

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