Friday, June 13, 2008

We love our animals

I know many people who would think my family and I are crazy. We love our pets and take their care seriously. Years ago, we adopted a crazy lab mix. He had been sprayed with pepper spray when the house where he was living was broken into. He had tremendous separation anxiety. To get to the point, he developed a cancerous place on his back food. It would grow until the skin split.

We did almost everything we could for him. We weren't offered chemo or radiation, but we kept having the place removed until we were told it was no use, and he was best being put down. Most of our animals, and there has been quite a parade of them in 40 years, have lived to a ripe old age.

My daughter is facing the same thing with her old black tom cat. He is 11. He has begun to lost weight - a lot of it. She took him to the vet on Monday. The bill came to about $850. She had then taken him back on Wednesday because he still wouldn't eat. They instructed her on giving a bolus of 100 cc's of fluid twice daily, and food that can be administered via syringe as well as the meds he was put on.

Why am I bringing this up? Because I'm really afraid she inadvertently let him get out last night. She called me telling me that she couldn't find him anywhere. She said she did have the door open for a short time when she was talking to her neighbor.

I saw what the cat did on Wednesday when I was there. Lady Bug was going to dance class and was being picked up by her friend. Jack (the cat) was sneaking toward the door.

If he DID get out, she will never see him again. He is getting what he really wants. He is going off somewhere to die. I haven't heard from her today, and that means they didn't find him I'm sure. I really hate that.

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