Friday, June 20, 2008

Into the twentieth century (at last)

I'm here and almost alive in Cow Town. Today is the first day I have had computer access, and will be the last until I get home on Sunday. The computer odyssey has been a true comedy. I didn't load it on Sunday night because I didn't want it to be in the car overnight. We took Princess Simone to her summer camp (the vet) Monday morning, and the plan was to put the computer in the car right after that. Well - life got in the way. K called before I walked into the house. That put the single cell that makes up my chemoed, anesthetized brain cell to work, and the work wasn't remembering anything.

We were twenty-five miles away when I remembered the computer. I was still talking to K. She said she would Fed-Ex it to me. At the time, I declined. I didn't know the address of the hotel. I thought about it during the trip, and then decided that would be a good thing. So I called K when we got to the room, about 4 pm. She said she would call me right back. Well that call came at 6:30 - after we went to dinner and all (which I will recount later). I gave her the information. She didn't go get it that evening, nor the next day. She wasn't sure which of the keys she had was mine. So she waited until her brother got off work.

We were on an excursion train that day. Excursion trains are NOT air conditioned as a rule. Cowtown had been in the 100's previously. I have never wanted off a train before. I was more than ready to say good-by to that piece of machinery!!

We detrained and got on beautifully air-conditioned chartered buses for the trip back to the hotel. My phone rang. She was just going to send the computer. This was 5 pm on Tuesday. Overnight at that time was $85! We finally got it down to a price that I felt was reasonable - $30. To make a long story shorter, she called another 4 times. I was so embarrassed!! In the close quarters of this bus with all the other travelers that are exhausted, my phone kept ringing! K couldn't understand why I sounded a bit miffed during the last call.

Greta arrived yesterday. I was exhausted once again. We had been riding the mass transit systems from Cowtown to Big D and all through Big D. The killer was the trek back from the station to the hotel. I wasn't sure I would make it. All of three blocks in 99 degree with 98% humidity (or so it felt). Three years of inactivity are killing me.

I was so thrilled as I waited for the Fed-Ex package to be brought to the desk. I opened it and began looking for the wi-fi. Found it - for $10 a day. You would think 4 star hotels would have free wi-fi, free phones, and at least one premium cable channel. Not this one.

So I have Internet for one day because I'm too cheap to pay for another. Besides we will be on a train tomorrow for 11 hours. Don't need wi-fi then. The next day we leave for Swamp-Land!

I am glad to have Greta with me AND access to the world. Would I do it all again. I don't think so. It has cost more than it's really worth especially since I thought I would be using it to fill the day when G went to seminars (that seems he is not going to do!!).

I'll give you a run down of the convention on Monday, along with some pictures it I somehow get some additional computer savvy before then. "See you on down the line!" (Train people are getting to my brain

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