Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shhh - it's a secret for now

My daughter in law is pregnant. Finally. Again. All those things are important. She miscarried almost five years ago. They should have a child the same age as Monkey Boy who will be four next month. For a while, they weren't trying, but when they did again, nothing happened.

B found a fertility specialist. At first I was dismayed because he found this specialist the same way he found the doctor who caused the problem in the first place - talk radio. The one who caused his problem is a "doctor" who isn't well thought of in the medical community. He claims to be a holistic healer, but I think he is just a quack. Every patient of his I have heard of has the same problems: an underactive tyroid, and low sex hormones.

My son is 31 years old. He is and always has been thin as a rail. He was put on thyroid hormones. Ones that were formulated in the quack's own lab. He also was to give himself a testosterone shot every week.

When the fertility specialist found who B was seeing and taking testosterone, he almost had a stroke. He used some choice language about the quack. He was very descriptive in a most profane way, but I echoed his sentiments exactly! The testosterone shots had decimated B's sperm production.

Fortunately, it is only a few months post quitting the shots, and I hope all the negative effects are gone from taking the shots in the first place, but only time will tell. But I am really hopeful.

Now we begin worrying as to whether C can carry this child this time. She took a home test, then she followed up with the doctor. They did blood work, and the only worry is that her progesterone was a little low. She is taking some progesterone, and will be tested again tomorrow.

For obvious reasons, she is keeping this wonderful event under wraps for the first trimester. My niece did the same thing. She has a singleton and twins, but she has had six pregnancies. I can fully understand how my sister in law has felt. E didn't let her mom tell right away either.

All we can do now is pray. B will make such an awesome father. I am so happy for the both of them!


Anonymous said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed that you will soon have another little one to babysit!


Grandma K said...

Oh, LeeAnn, since this is a secret, AND the family doesn't know about this place, I can be honest. I am really looking forward to this one!! Mom stays home - keeping other children, in fact. Her mom is a day care director, so I am off the hook!! I"m too old for another one!
We'll know more after this afternoon - tomorrow sometime the results of the new blood work will be back.