Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's alive - and growing!

Sunday, Doodle Bug will FINALLY be baptized. It is not going to be at "our" church. I'm not sure how much longer "our"church will be our church. B and C are already going to another megachurch, and I am responsible for S and K going to the mission church that even I like. G doesn't. The pastor is really good as compared to ours (who ran our kids off with his poor preaching), but the music is completely non-traditional. G hates that. The real reason I am dismayed by having the baptism away from the old church is I make the napkins that are used. Both of the others have the napkins I did. She won't. I'll live though.

I emphasized the finally because DB is almost a year old. K wants her to be in the dress she was baptized in. Lady Bug wore the same dress. We are going to have to use a lot of baby powder to slick her down and a shoe horn to get her into that dress. Thankfully she is a long lean baby. She prefers mother's milk to real food still.

We will continue the tradition of a meal following the service, but this time it will not be a my house. I simply cannot get my house party ready in a few days. It would take me a few months!! I am however "catering" this event. What began as just the family (6 plus 2 kids) has grown to 20 (plus 5 kids). S wasn't happy about calling his parents about the shindig, but K told him he HAD to.

He doesn't really want them here. For one thing, they cannot manage money and are always broke. They think their children should support them. He was hoping they would say they couldn't afford the trip, but I think instead they will demand money spent to get here and money to get home again. His mother has a vicious tongue on her, and people don't like to be around her. Oh well. That in itself is a good reason for all the people being invited. I can stay away from her!!!

Things will turn out good. We will have a good time! The important thing is that the baby is going to be baptized - finally.

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