Friday, May 30, 2008


Who stole a week from my life?? It cannot be a week since I was here last. Someone obviously has stolen it. It was here a minute ago.

Anyway, since last week, I have been to my plastic surgeon twice. Last week I got the wonderful thrill of going down to the Medical Center. Coming home was the problem. It was a holiday weekend, and all the rats were deserting Swampland. What traffic!! At that time, he removed one of the three drains. When I had them removed after the mastectomy, it didn't hurt. Not this time. It "bit" all the way out.

I have lived with the other two for this week. I have been able to sleep on my right side - sometimes. Sometimes it really hurts to sleep on my right side. Both of the remaining drains enter my body on that side.

Today I went back. But I went to another area that a fellow blogger calls "White Man's Land." It is a planned community directly north of Swampland. It is probably further away for me, but it doesn't have the traffic.

I was hoping for the other drains to be removed. I knew it wasn't going to happen because they have been working all too well. They did take number 3, but left number two. So I get to go back next week. This time there was no pain, but it felt like the thing was a mile long as it snaked out of my back! I got put back on antibiotics. Oh hum. I need to be sure to buy some yogurt!

We want to go to the SSB next week, so Med Center here I come. They will be back in "White Man's Land" next Friday, but they don't get there until noon. We need to have commenced the five hour journey at that time.

So much for my health. Last night was a first. Lady Bug stayed with us - overnight - for the first time in her 7 1/2 years of life. She announced to me a little while ago she wanted to stay over tonight too. Knock me over with a feather.

The circumstances behind her staying weren't too great. Her brother, Monkey Boy, decided to have a temper tantrum last night at 9:30. We both have raised hearths on our fireplaces, which has always scared me with the little ones, and he plowed his forehead right into the edge of said hearth. So he got to go directly to the ER - don't pass go. I told K that it would be silly for Lady Bug to be here, get sleepy, then get dragged back home to go to sleep only to return. I was keeping her today - like all summer.

So she spent the night. She seems to have been having fun. Last night she slept with me. G has been afraid to try to sleep through the moans when I move. I told her she might have to sleep where he has been sleeping. She didn't care. She just wants to stay. Finally. It has taken a long time.

Have a great weekend. Hope all goes your way!

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