Thursday, March 29, 2007

A strange turn of events

I had the second round of chemo yesterday, and went for fluids today. I will never cease to be amazed at how things happen.

Today I met a fellow breast cancer patient. The difference is that she is a young mother, about 30, with two children and is about five months pregnant. She has had fibroid breasts, and for a long time she was told is was only that. At the beginning of the year, she found it was growing.

They tested, and she ended up having a mastectomy because her tumor was 4.5cm. She had twelve involved lymph nodes. When she went to the restroom, her friend explained that she is listed as a Stage 3, but is more likely a Stage 4 because they cannot do a scan due to her pregnancy.

She has a great attitude. But it is so sad. Young women are not being screened as they should. Breast cancer is hitting these women. They have a right to yearly mammograms too.

As for my hair loss, I am one of the millions of lucky women who have experienced hair loss over the years. I really got tired of it, and I got tired of paying over $60 every six weeks to have cuts and highlights. When I would leave, my hairdresser would say that my hair looked so good. What a load of hog wash! I knew better.

So in December of 2005, I made the decision to buy a wig. I found a circular for a place where I could order on line. They had a sale. It was 2 for 1. I ordered two wigs. One was too light, but I still have it. It’s not really comfortable. Perhaps when all this hair is gone it will be better.
The other I wear almost every day. When I went to get my prosthesis, they said that they also sold wigs. I told the fitter that I was already wearing a wig. She was amazed. It is so natural looking.

Since the first purchase, I have ordered a "summer" wig. That is a necessity here is Swamp Land. I also ordered a human hair one, but I need to do a little styling of it. It’s a little too straight and limp.

I am set for the loss of my hair, and in reality because of my hair history it's not really a big deal to me. I even ordered fake eyelashes along with the human hair wig!

Take care of yourselves! I am going to rest.

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Anonymous said...

Holy sh*t Grandma you're going to give old Brittany Spears a run for her money! Good for you. I agree that woman need to start their screening earlier. I also met a much younger woman while going thru radiation. Keep your spirits high.