Friday, March 02, 2007

That blasted fear decided to slip into my mind for a while today. Before my visit to the surgeon, I was petrified about having the drainage tubes removed. As for the staples - oh that was over the top!

But alas, I have a great surgeon. The tubes were not really comfortable coming out. He told me I had become sensitive to the silicon and was reacting to them. The alcohol DID sting - a lot! But they are gone. It feels so much better.

The staples were a breeze! No sensation at all. My sarcastic side sneaks up here to say - "yeah - more nerve damage, that's why!" I'm not really sure that is it, but I don't have the same longing/fear for the next appointment when the remaining staples go.

The bad news is that there was more lymph node involvement. I'm not sure if they found a total of two in twenty lymph nodes, or it was two additional ones. I am leaning toward the latter just by the demeanor of the surgeon to my daughter's questions.

That is a topic for the oncologist on Monday.

As well is the insurance company denying the $4500+ pet scan that was done before all this began.

But I am free of tubes. Free!!


Anonymous said...

My road to breast cancer started with an ovarian cyst and the annual mammogram. Breast cancer meant that instead of just watching my cyst and doing nothing meant that my ovaries were going to see the light of day. I had staples plus glue and the removal of the staples was easy. Getting rid of the adhesive from the bandages was another thing all together....ouch. Still numb from that surgery and the lumpecomy but it could have been worse. Being a bit numb means that you won't be bothered too much by your radiation treatments, in case you turn red and start to "burn". Glad you are feeling better.

Grandma K said...

Oh, Leeann, the glue must have been terrible. Right now the thing that is the most irritating is that I have had lymph nodes removed at a two week interval. I was just getting over the first only to have the second ones removed.
I wish you health.