Monday, March 05, 2007

It's got a good beat

My dance card is going to be full for at least the next 16 weeks. I went to the oncologist today, and we set the chemotherapy schedule. I will be going every other week for the therapy.

So I went online, as all good computer savvy people are apt to do, to check on what was going to happen to my body. I was expecting the hair loss. OK, no real problemo. I was expecting nausea. Not pleasant, but then I knew chemo was not a walk in the park. Mouth sores. Now that caught my attention. I was really hoping those little devils would not be part of it. The drugs are going into the port, then into the blood. Leave the mouth alone already!

What really caught my eye was the possible kidney and bladder involvement that goes along with one of the drugs. So when I get that one, I get to go back the next day for fluids. What a deal! Two days at once!

Then I read the details of the other drug, It can damage the heart. I tell you, this cancer thing just keeps getting better. Now I know why I get to have an echo of the heart next week also.
But these things will pass. I can pretty much begin marking off the treatments from the calendar and look forward to getting back to my normal boring life. Things will be OK. I will live through it all, and I will be well. I just have some bumps in the road between now and then, but isn’t that what life is all about?

May you all have a good week!

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