Friday, February 16, 2007

That darned plant!

I'm referring to a Kalanchoe that was send to V's funeral back in 2004. The thing lives on my back porch. Normally it just sits there, not really growing much. It's just there.

Last year, it put on blooms. By the way they only bloom in the fall/winter since (bear with the science teacher here) they are short day plants. See the relationship between season and blooming? OK It didn't bloom until last year.

And you are wondering if I have completely lost my mind. Nope, not really. I think I am becoming very superstitious. Last year my dad died. Hummm. Blooms for his wife's death, bloom for his death.

Well, that blasted plant is blooming this year! Gee thanks, I get my diagnosis for breast cancer. I'm facing a mastectomy and that darned plant is blooming - again.

I think I'm going to pull it out by its roots and fling it into the trash!

We're off again. It is our two week rambling into the wilderness of the wild country. I understand they have poured the slab for our "barn" at the SSB. Gotta go see it!

Catch you Monday. The dial up that we have access to there is maddening. I just try not to use it.

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