Sunday, February 25, 2007

A little humor goes a long way

When I was to be at the hospital on Thursday, I wanted G to work as long as he needed. K was off that morning, so I asked her to take me.

Trying to get through registration was a little daunting. The woman who was trying to get me registered didn't normally work at that position. (This hospital has only been open since the first of November). She finally got me registered - of course that was later than they had said they wanted me there, but I thought that would be no problem,

Instead of going straight back to surgery, we were put into the waiting room. After a bit the surgery nurse came to get us. She put us into a room with the instructions of changing into the hospital gown. It was not at all like the last one. This time I was to take it all off and put on the gown. Well, ok.

The gown was different also. It wasn't one of the cloth hospital gowns. It was a heavy paper one. But that wasn't the real zinger, and the one that I thought was going to get K and I kicked out of the area. This one had slits at the breast area. I was thinking that's how they gain access to the breast they are going to remove. K was sure it wasn't. But then I got to thinking that it wouldn't be a sterile field after me putting it on.

K and I laughed about it for a bit, and then I went to sit on the bed. There was a flap - at the crotch line - in the very front. That was too much. We both howled! Amy, the nurse came in. We explained what was going on with out take on the gown. She only said it got better. We couldn't see how. It was already pretty funny.

So Amy told me to go ahead and lay down. She then got a hose that looked for all the world like a vacuum cleaner hose. She plugged it into the crotch flap, and turned on the machine. It was to keep me warm/cool! We lost it! And the slits - they were hand warmer ports, That gown was the funniest thing we had seen in a while.

At least there was something to make the day a little lighter.

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