Wednesday, May 31, 2006

It never ends

Years ago when I was facing the teenage years, my dear friend and colleague told me that the worries of motherhood are never over. She had children in their late twenties and early thirties. I had no idea she was so correct!
Band C went "toobing" on a river last weekend. This is something they enjoy doing, and I knew it would be good for him to get away. I remember thinking during the weekend that I hoped they wore water socks or old tennis shoes. I know how many generations have done that exact thing. I also know now many beer bottles and cans have been deposited in said river!

B called me on Sunday to tell me about the place they were staying. It was all small talk. Just passing the time. I did ask about C’s birthday, and asked what she wanted (it was Monday). Just small talk.

K called me yesterday to give me the numbers for the charms she wanted for her bracelet. In passing she mentioned the fact B would be on disability for a while. I was shocked! Come to find out, he had cut his foot badly and broken three toes. K was surprised I didn’t know. She asked what we talked about. I told her it was certainly not that!

B called later to ask if ibuprofen would be ok to take since he had cut his feet. After asking more and more questions, I learned that he jumped into the water to retrieve an oar. They had rented a raft, and an oar got away from C. He. Had. No. Shoes. On. At. All. He claims it was the rocks that cut him - twice on the right foot, and at least four times on the left. He broke the two most lateral toes on the left and the middle toe on the left.

My friend was so right, being a mother never ends!

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Anonymous said...

Ok now that is SCARY! The mother never ends that's for sure. My parents still are my leaning rock should there be a need. Actually...I don't know what I would do without them. I don't even want to think about that.