Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Interesting trip!

Things were in good condition at little place. Everything was closed up correctly - with one exception that we didn’t discover until Saturday. It was minor, but still grated on G. We kept telling them they had to take the little garbage they generated overnight, and I assumed they had done just that. No. S put it into the burn barrel. The problem is that he used a plastic corn sac and it was filled with plastic bottles and aluminum cans. That doesn’t go into the burn barrel.

The weather has been rather rough there. When we went to the community club meeting our neighbor told us there were several periods of being without electricity - some lasting about seven hours. So I had to reset all the timers we have.

The real low point of the trip was Simone got car sick. She had never gotten car sick before. We were half way to Austin when she first vomited. She remained ill the whole trip. I thought she was reacting to the raw hide bone she had been eating at home. I vowed to take those away from her since she had one along with the blasted $200 brownie. (I would add a link back to that post, but I am becoming more and more technologically handicapped - I don't know how to do it!) I thought that would cure the problem. I also vowed to call the vet when we got home because she obviously has a very sensitive stomach, and I want something that would make her more comfortable when it acted up.

Yesterday when we left, we had not gotten any further than our cattle guard. I looked back at Simone. She was salivating again. She was already car sick. We had gone perhaps a quarter of a mile at the most. By the time we were on the county road, she vomited. That was about a mile.

Two things are for sure. She is going to the vet - today. The second is she has the cleanest doggie bed in the world. Yep, she vomited on it both ways.

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