Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What a wonderful evening!

Lady Bug is a graduate now. Last night was her graduation from Pre-Kindergarten. The children sang songs and did little skits. They were so precious, and they looked so small. It was such a pleasant evening, and was so well done!

Of course there were the usual amusing events. One little boy refused to say his lines when his turn came up. He took off the mortar board and walked down the aisle to his mother, refusing to return to his seat up front. Another little boy found the zipper on his robe and amused himself for several minutes zipping and unzipping his robe. Then his attention was turned to the mortar board which soon was on his head backward.

Lady Bug played the "lead" in The Little Red Hen. It was a role suited for her. She is much like the hen. She will do things "herself!" She knew her lines perfectly. She had practiced in California when she and "Pa" were sitting in the back seat of the minivan.

It was a delightful evening. We all, with the exception of "Pa," had a great time. But I am realizing that Lady Bug is really growing up. Next year it is real school.

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