Thursday, June 01, 2006

Rain, rain

After weeks of no rain, it appears that the monsoon season has arrived here in the Greater Houston area. That brings with it mosquitos, tons and tons of them. It brings grass that grows before your very eyes. It brings weeds that flourish in flower beds. It brings the 100% humidity that with any lifting air brings more rain.

I thought it also brought another problem - one that I thought was over. It brings a dog that doesn’t like to get her feet wet. I thought when our chow-mix died, that would no longer be a problem, but it appeared I was wrong. Simone didn’t want to go out. Yesterday morning I tried to let her out, and she looked at me as though I was crazy.

Fortunately I still have baby gates around so that meant the carpeted areas could be blocked off. There is tile in the other areas which is easy to clean. I was expecting the worst. I thought I certainly would be cleaning the tile!

I was wrong! She didn’t have any "accidents." When the weather broke for a while, she went out. I was wrong about her not wanting to get her feet wet. She is terribly afraid of thunder! She wouldn’t go out because there had been thunder a bit earlier.

Later in the day, it was lightly raining. I knew she was at the door, but I really didn’t expect her to go out when I opened it for her. She did! She went right out. I was so proud.

Gee, you would think I was talking about potty training a child. Well, some things never change. Just the circumstances change!

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