Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Events of the trip

This was my first trip to the west coast. I’ve been east several times, and we made it to Canada a couple of times. Utah is as close to the west coast I have ever come. I was amazed at the beauty of California. I knew there were hills around LA, but I was totally amazed. It was so beautiful.

We spent the first two days at the Magic Kingdom. Lady Bug became quite a daredevil - after we assured her she would never ride the Matterhorn again. That was her second ride, and the darkness was bad enough, but the snowman sealed the deal. She rode every coaster after that though. She got on Space Mountain twice. I think one of her favorites was the spinning tea cups however.

The third day we went to San Diego to go to the zoo. It was a nice zoo, but it wasn’t what I expected. Sometimes when you have had something hyped so much it simply doesn’t live up to expectations. The zoo was interesting since it appeared to have been built in a canyon. Thank goodness for the bus however. My knees are simply not up to climbing hills to see the animals.

On Thursday we headed to the Thousand Oaks area where my step-brother (V’s son) had opened a restaurant. It has different kinds of food, but leans toward sushi and the like. I’m not a real fan of sushi for several reasons, but what he recommended was quite good. He has a beautiful place, and I hope it goes well.

S wanted to find a beach for Lady Bug. When we turned off to locate the restaurant, I told him I saw a sign that said there were beaches at that exit. Did we go there? NO! He stopped at a gas station and they told him go get back on the highway. There would be beaches about 20 minutes down the road. We didn’t find them. So we started back because it was getting to be time to eat.

G again mentioned the sign about beaches at our exit. This time we followed that road. As we climbed into mountains, I began to doubt. Let’s face it - in Texas we begin a long slope to the beach. Our coastal plains are huge! We spent about 10 minutes in the mountains. Then we saw the sign - Malibu. We found the beach! And it was beautiful.

Friday we went to Huntington Beach so Lady Bug could play on the beach. Later, the kids went to California adventure, but G and I stayed home. We were hurting enough by then. Between his feet and my knees, we were done in.
All in all, it was a great time. I am ready to return to California, but this time it will be an adult trip. There is still so much I want to see and do, but the Magic Kingdom is not on the menu!

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