Thursday, May 18, 2006


As I have said, I am totally addicted to genealogy. I literally have to pry myself away from the computer once I have opened the program. I subscribe to a genealogy service that provides a very good service - as well it should for the money.

My real gripe about this service is they are not content with my annual fee of my left arm. They want more. If they add new options to the service you most certainly can get them - for a fee. If you don’t bite when they automatically renew your subscription (even when the card has expired), they call you on the phone. The session goes something like this:

Caller: "Grandma K, how has your search been going?"
Grandma K: "Fine." (In a non-committed voice)
Caller: "How long have you been doing genealogy?"
Grandma K: " About two years" (while thinking you have the records in front of you - add it up!)
Caller: "What countries are you searching?"
Grandma K: "Just the US" (knowing where anything else would lead since they now charge for other countries)
Caller: "We have a service where you can post people you are looking for. Is there someone you could name?"
Grandma K: "Not at this time."
Caller:"We have updated the horribly over priced book with another that we can reduce by x dollars if you order today!"
Grandma K:"I don’t think so" (while thinking I surely wish I hadn’t been talked into the first one - it was no help!)
Caller finally says: "Well thank you for your time."

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