Thursday, October 31, 2019

Rather strange

Just when I was pretty sure the contract wouldn't go - that they would not accept the addendum or come back with a counter - they SIGNED IT LAST NIGHT.  The accepted the reduction of the price by the entire 20k.  I guess Christi (the wife) said enough.  She wants to spend time with her grandchildren and isn't sure just how much time that is.

I have totally accepted the fact that we are (1) downsizing, and (2) I will be giving up some items.  This move is for the very best.  We are gaining some things.  Unbelievable is that the dining room is larger.  With our family at twelve and we have family dinner on Sundays, that is important.  I will have the biggest dining room - and the breakfast room and the associated kitchen are bigger.  For twelve people (oldest grandson is 6'6" and 230) the extra room is going to be good.  The flow isn't as good as here, but that will work out.

So back to decluttering and disposing of things.  Then packing.  If I think about it, it is really overwhelming. I can only think of doing a bit at a time without panicking.  We have been here 44 years THIS month.  Amazing how things accumulate.  But I have about 40 days.

Thanks for tagging along on this little adventure.  It was great to have a place to vent!



I don't envy you the packing..Jamie and family are moving this weekend..all the way to chinasprings. Hoping the commute for me will not be so bad I can still watch Dylan..I'm happy for you cause it does sound like this is the best for you.

Marti said...

I wish I could give you all my packing paper and bubble wrap. After paying good money for it, I just couldn't toss it when I unpacked.

I'm glad it worked out for you, but I sure would hate to move after 44 years. We got rid of tons of stuff before we moved and I wish we had kept some of it. But we didn't think we'd need it here. Just don't get rid of anything that can't be easily replaced.