Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Where has the time gone?

First- we are back from the SSB.  Didn't see any live snakes this time - only ones dead on the road.  Probably because of this crazy weather we are having.  As they said on the news weather yesterday, we haven't had a 90 degree day in six months.  We have had 90 degrees even on Christmas - probably those Christmas days when my aunt would give me a beautifyul velvet dress for Christmas, and I was hell bent on wearing that dress - forget the temperature.  And I suffered for being bull headed.

Now - for my question.  Today is G's birthday.  He is 70.  OMG - where did the time go?  I haven't been as taken by any other birthday as this one.  The clock is ticking.

It doesn't help that my friend's husband died two weeks (I think) ago - at 67.  It just hits me that I am not a kid any longer.  I should realize it - my body tells me at least daily if not hourly.  My brain keeps telling me that I am still a kid.  I don't know what age it thinks we are, but vertainly not 68.

I never expected to live this long in reality.  My mother died at 57.  Even though I had been really healthy until 60, I never thought I would live this long.  I don't know why.  When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I really thought that was it.  I would die in two years.  Here it's been 7.

So - we are rocking along.  In my mind I wonder how much longer will we be able to make that 6 hour trip to the SSB.  In fact - I can't help but wonder just how many more days we have left.


Cheyenne said...

I know exactly what you mean when you ask where the time went. We just came out of winter but are still having winter-like weather supposedly going below freezing tonight. And the way time has been passing by so quickly I shudder to think that winter will be here again before we know it.


i think I"m body just laughs and laughs..

Judy said...

Strange, as I was just talking about this very thing today. I guess this is something we think about, once we hit 70? I never used to think about how many days/weeks/months/years I had left, but do now, quite a bit. It IS frustrating because our minds tell us we are in our 50's, and then, without thinking, we go to do something, and our bodies--Like JackieSue said, laugh at us. I hate it, BUT--as long as we are on the topside of the grass--we keep on keeping on.