Monday, April 14, 2014

Sunday dinner

Guess who was the host!  Yep - me.  And we survived.

I don't know if it is just that I don't understand little boys or what, but I really do wonder about Son's eldest.  He just seems to have  streak in him.  I hesitate to say mean because I don't know it that is the truth!  He just gets this look, and then he does SOMETHING.

This really isn't a good example, but at the time it pissed me off.  Son and I were sitting at the table, and the boy came to get in Son's lap.  He pulled a small flashlight out of his belt loop and proceeded to shine in directly in my eyes.  A look of glee was on his face.

As I said - that might just be boy.  I don't know.  My experience with boys was raising my son and Daughter's son.  Both of those were/are surrounded more by women than other boys.  Son has two boys.

Oh well, Clyde was safe in his crate, and they didn't even give him notice, and nothing was broken otherwise destroyed.  Family Dinner is over for at least two weeks.

My "step-granddaughter" is proceeding with the circus she is calling her "big white wedding."  We were wondering if she was even going to send SIL and Daughter an invitation since she has refused to speak to them since about January.  She was demanding (yes - you read that correctly) money from them for this fiasco.  When Daughter pressed her for more information, she refused to return texts or calls.  So it was decided that there would be no money for this forthcoming.  They put the money into an account for the little girl's education.

No one in these parts think this marriage is going to last.  They have been "together a almost three years now (the baby is over two - so baby's age + gestation = time together), but Megan has threatened (packing her belongings) to leave several times.  A trip to the JP would make this mess just as legal - and a lot cheaper.

But the invitation came through.  SIL wants to ignore it.  I can't really blame him.  This girl has hurt him many times. He could have just taken the role as sperm donor, but over the years he has really tried with this little brat.  Daughter knows they have to go.  But she is worried about what will happen at the wedding.  If the groom's father is as much of a creep as they indicate - it won't be a happy family building/joining time.  As Daughter says - reminds her of her wedding where SIL's father faked a heart attack at the reception.  Karma gave him one 17 years later.

And tomorrow we are off (again) to the SSB.  I hate that.  We will miss all Holy Week here.  We (our church) being rather modern does some things in very different ways.  Last year we celebrated Maundy Thursday by doing a take off on the Last Supper.  We did "Beer and Hymns" at a local taverna that is family friendly.  Beer - remember we are Lutheran first, and mostly German next!  It was largely attended, and really a great thing.  Then Friday will be the traditional (at least more traditional) Tenebrae service.  Those are quite moving.

Since they will not be at the church on Thursday, the altar was stripped on Sunday.  That always sets the mood.  Sunday is was even more poignant in that the comparison between the festivity of Palm Sunday was ended with the austere stripping of the altar.  Really set the tone for Holy Week.

I will try to get back before next week, but I doubt that anything noteworthy will happen there!!



little boys have a mean streak but they usually outgrow it...or become serial killers.

Judy said...

wouldn't it have been appropriate for the boys father to simply say, "Don't shine that in Gramma's face. You know that bright lights hurt her eyes."

We are having a Tenebrae service on Maundy Thursday night.