Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Moved to action

My best friend's husband has been in and out of the hospital for almost a year.  It began sometime in late summer when he fell in the bathroom.  He broke his hip, ribs and hit his head.  He was alone that morning, and he was there until Dora came home that evening from work.  He was in terrible condition.

It was days before surgery to repair the hip was done.  He wasn't stable.  His kidneys were not functionong properly.  I really don't know it he had been having kidney problems prior to this or not.  Although I refer to her as my best friend, we don't communicate frequently.  She still works as I said.  She is also the one I have referred to before because I couldn't understand.  But the street of friendship goes two ways.  So enough here.

He finally, after being in ICU for a while, was released to a rehab hospital.  He was there for a while, and I don't know if he ever wehn homw.  In October, he went back to the hospital.  He was going to have cardiac by-pass surgery.  The kidneys flaired up again. 

He ultimately had the surgery.  He spent 45 days in ICU, and was unresponsive much of the time.  But he would rally.  He would give hope that he was going to overcome,

Then last Saturday, the doctors discovered he had become septic.  He wasn't expected to last the day, but he did.  He lasted through Sunday.  Unresponsive, but the family still had hope.  That was until Monday - the sepsis was caused by yeast.  It came from the cather he had almost continually.  But it could, as easily, been from the trach or feeding tube or almost anything. 

So they finally decided to stop all treatment with the exception of oxygen.  Their oldest son is a physician.  I know this was sheer hell for him, but in a different way from the rest of the family.  He didn't push Dora into removing support, and I know he wanted to.

Earl was removed at 2 pm.  He passed at 9 pm.  He is at peace.

So why am I moved to action?  With my six or seven recent surgeries, cancer and all - I could have been Earl.  Would I want to spend my last moments in ICU hooked up to who knows what, in and out of consciousness?  Being terribly sick and probably hurting.  NO. 

I keep saying I will execute a medical power of attorney and living will.  I haven't done this in seven years.  It will be cpmpleted this week.  I don't want to have this happen to me.

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Judy said...

Good idea. I have mine.