Thursday, April 17, 2014

Happenings from the edge of civilization

All the big news from the SSB.  And that would just about cover it all.  The bluebonnets are out.  Not as pretty as years past since we haven't had much measurable rain this entire year.  But Easter Sunday is day after tomorrow, and we have had some bizarre weather on Easter Sunday before when we have been here.  With the crazy weather that has been going on, I won't bet on having good weather.

Several years ago, there was a really severe storm that moved through early on Easter Sunday.  Daughter, SIL and Lady Bug were here.   We were going over to have lunch with the "others" in the late afternoon.  We could see the storm brewing.  A cold, windy, wet day was on tap.  SIL had been out working on something,  and we took a break to play a board game before his showering and us getting dressed and ready to go.

The bottom dropped out.  It rained buckets upon buckets.  The lightning flashed, and the thunder was terrible.  And. The. Electricity. Went. Out.  Both houses up here (theirs and ours) are all electric.  SIL went to take his shower, and the rest of us, all being city folk, didn't think anything of it.  Our water is from a well.  We need an electric pump.  He had sufficient water for a shower, but after that - we had none.  And we were thinking of how stupid we were.

But lunch was still to be on.  My Sister-in-law planned a beautiful meal of roasted tenderloin, potatoes, salad and the like.  They have a gas grill, so still no problem.  But alas there was.  The winds were so strong they kept blowing out the flame.  So we had really rare meat, potatoes that were either charred or raw, and a good salad.

Her kids were leaving as we got there.  They took command of their road because things were mud pits and they didn't have four wheel drive.  We did - and almost got stuck.  As my son says - four wheel gets you stuck twice as far off the road.

So another Easter, we had an ice storm.  Out decks were covered in ice about a half inch thick.  All the prickly pear was coated in ice. 

I don't know what this Sunday will bring.  It is really cloudy today,

The excitement has been overwhelming.  Yesterday was Fredericksburg for groceries.  On the way home, we were reminded that the afternoons get warm enough for snakes since we ran over one on the road.  Great.  And Clyde hasn't been able to get is rattlesnake avoidance training yet.  We will just have to watch him closely.

Today was Mason to go to the Department of Agriculture.  We have applied for a grant to get rid of the brush on this place.  Won't know anything for sure until July or so.  But there was a little additional paper work. 

So we are back.  Me and my barely above dial up internet will be doing some genealogy here in a bit.  I can see the bird feeders, and put fresh food in the hummingbird feeder since he was almost banging on the back glass door this morning letting us know "we're back!!!  FEED US."

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