Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Perils of retirement!

It has really happened.  I completely forgot this is Tuesday.  I really thought it was Monday.

Perhaps one reason is that I am NOT looking forward to Friday.  I. DO. NOT. WANT. THE. LASER. TREATMENT!  Oh course, I don't want to go blind either. 

Daughter when I spoke to her last is debating giving Lady Bug her Guardasil injection.  I think it is the last one, but there is "research" out that it has terrible side effects.  I don't know what to tell her except that I don't know who did the research.  Researchers can skew their results, so I don't know.

I am so sick of Uverse I could scream.  Unfortunately we have it for TV, computer AND phone.  Everyday, we lose our service for a period of time.  It is getting really old.  Calling them is a pain.  At least when we were still with Comcast, their service line was in the United States.

Clyde loves remotes, and he has chewed up three of them.  The first, I called ATT.  It was two weeks before we got a replacement.  With Comcast, all I would have had to do was go to the service center.  Not ATT.  The call went someplace out of the US, it took almost an act of Congress to get a new one, and then it was  not delivered for two weeks.

So when Clyde chewed the other two, I went to my old stand-by Amazon.  They were delivered within days.  They work just as well!

So while I have a signal, I better post this!

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Judy said...

The doctor told my daughter that the Guardasil injections were for girls that "might" be promiscuous. I guess she didn't figure Madeleine would be, so she didn't get them. The side effects can be bad. Now they are giving them to boys too so they won't carry the "bad seed" and give to a girl.