Monday, April 07, 2014

What goes around ...

I really had mixed feelings last night.   It was "Family Dinner" night.  I have a real love/hate relationship with this night these days.  I was with all six grandchildren on Saturday - William (son's oldest) a pre-school program (at 9 on a Saturday morning!!!! Egad), and Karrington (daughter's youngest) an after dance clinic with the high school dance team.  I purposely didn't bring up Sunday dinner.  I was hoping DIL would step up.

Anyway, SIL and daughter did dinner.  Son waited until 5:30 to tell us they wouldn't be there.  We meet at 6.  Just a little late Son.  Very inconsiderate. 

So I got my feathers in a ruffle.  I am VERY aware that a son often will spend the time with the wife's family.  This is apparent - G, SIL, even my BIL.  They just do it.  I don't know if they were with her family yesterday, but I will bet they were. 

It often happens.  Her dad, Chris, is a demanding ^*(*&&(*, will do that.  For years after her parents' divorce, she wouldn't speak to him.  Even before the wedding, she wouldn't speak to him.  Her mom really pushed for her to make up.  I think she is sorry now.  Chris demands (very passively aggressively) they spend a lot of time with him.  He has quite a bit of money, and he uses it. 

I guess I really sound bitter.  Most of the time I just blow it off.  Last night really bothered me.  If they had cancelled early, that would have been fine.  We would have stayed home (and watched either Shameless or Game of Thrones), and so would have SIL and daughter.

Daughter said it rather succinctly.  "When Mom and Dad are in town, it's just a given ..."

While I am venting, here I go again.  The only person in our church I simply cannot stand - at all - did it again.  First, of all the seats in the church, she chooses the same row where we always sit.  God forgive me, but I find other places to "pass the peace."  At the beginning of service - I confess my feelings about her, and I try to be better,  To do that it's best to just stay away from her.  It's impossible.  During Learning Curve (Sunday School) she joins our group.  I know our group is usually comprised of the really fun people in church, but we don't need the wet blanket that she is.  She continually has a scowl on her face.  She is cold as ice to almost everyone.  Only sought out by the ones who got them to come to church in the first place and their family.

She really put the icing on the cake for me though.  We have a prayer table in the back.  It is open before, during, and after church to go back to light a candle and say a prayer.  I have been praying continually for my best friend whose husband had almost died several times while being in ICU for 45 days.

After communion, I was headed back to pray for Earl.  One of our college youths was already there.  The Ice Queen barged right up to the table, nearly pushing this girl out of the way.  RUDE!  RUDE!  OBNOXIOUS!  I felt like doing the same to her - especially when she stood and stood after lighting her candle.  But I held way back waiting.  Some people...

So thanks for  sticking with me if you are still here.  I seem to be a lot more bitchy these days.  I don't mean to be.  I just use this forum because if G hears me vent,he makes rude comments.  I don't think he realizes that sometimes you just have to express frustrations.

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Judy said...

...and, this is a good place to vent!!! That lady is very rude, but--maybe she has a whole lot of sins to confess and she is lighting a candle and praying for forgiveness and needs more time? No--probably not--just rude.