Thursday, April 10, 2014

I am SO terrible!

First - the whole issue is really not my business.  In my mind, at least, I believe I think I am thinking of what would be best for them.  But, again, it is none of my real business.

Son called yesterday about several things.  Among them was the fact that on Sunday they had planned to announce the SIL was pregnant - again.  She miscarried.  It was a very short pregnancy.  This is about five she has had.  I think her body is trying to tell her something.

Secretly,  I have to admit I am glad.  That makes me feel so terrible.  It's not like they don't have children.  They do.  One 5, then close to 4, and 2 year olds.  In some ways, they are really good kids.  In other ways they are hellions.  When they are here or at Daughter's house - they are hellions.  They are in to everything.  They hit Clyde with hard toys.  They poke Daughter's dogs in the eyes if they are in the crates and can't get away.  My eldest says the girl (almost 4) is mean. 

Children are so expensive.  The only one working in their home is Son.  And he is working four jobs.  Thankfully they are not worked concurrently, but he works six days a week.  He has his telephone company job, he has his band that plays out every other Friday, he has joined another band that plays less often, but still it is a Friday or Saturday night.  These gigs aren't over until 2, then there is the packing up - especially with his band since he owns all the equipment.  Then the drive home.

On Sunday, he is the worship leader at a little non-denomination church far south of town.  He has to be there early because that is when the band practices.  So there goes half of the day on Sunday.

I feel terrible for my feelings.  She is going to go back to the fertility specialist - or at least his general practice since that doctor has retired.  Her ob/gyn told her that after her next cycle they would put her back on progesterone to help keep a pregnancy going.

One thing about this - this will be her last natural baby.  BUT she talks adoption.  There is only so much room in their four bedroom house, and there is only so much money.  Her dad things he is Daddy Warbucks, and he does have a lot of money.  I guess he will finance these kids - especially through high school and college. 

I am so torn about my feelings.  But only because I know I shouldn't have the feelings I have. 



sounds like they are not raising kids they are raising serial killers.
one of the first things that serial killers have is torturing animals...eek

Jeanette said...

Seems like they should pay more attention the the kids they have. Can't blame you for feeling that way. It's OK as long as you keep your feeling to yourself. You wouldn't want to alienate your son.

Judy said...

What do you mean you shouldn't have these feelings!!! You have to keep quiet about it of course--maybe your son doesn't feel the same way--maybe it is DIL's idea to keep having kids, but......I think you are right AND her body obviously doesn't want to go through another pregnancy. I agree with Jeanette--get the kids you have straightened out and as normal as possible before bringing another child into the mix. Does the DIL work to help with this big family? I'll bet she doesn't.