Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Irony is not my favorite

When I was teaching science, the first thing we did, the first week of school, was to teach safety.  Now there wasn't much we did in 6th and 7th grades that was unsafe.  Normally the strongest chemical we used was vinegar, and even when we did dissections, we used specimens that were no longer preserved in formaldehyde, and certainly we did not use scalpels.  They kiddos used scissors.  I would joke with my colleagues that I want to do dissections no bisections.  So those science classes were relatively safe.  Even when I taught high school biology - it was safe, although those days involved scalpels and formalin.

Friday was the laser surgery on my right eye to reduce the pressure by opening the drain.  That eye bothered me all weekend, and my left eye is about to pack up and leave home because it has been so mistreated.  This weekend was one where both eyes bothered me.

After church I was remarking to G that it is so ironic that I have diseases in my eyes that can/could lead to blindness.  When we did safety this was my spiel to my students about their safety goggles:

               If I tell you to wear your goggles, I mean to wear them.  On your face and eyes, not              around your foreheads or necks,  These are the only two eyeballs you will even have!

So here many (many, many) years later - what is going on?  I am on the verge of blindness.  Not. Funny.  I know it's not because of mechanical injury.  I can't kick myself in the butt because I was stupid.  But still ...

I had the injection today - that's part of what brought this topic on.  My left eye is so sensitive.  They tried to help out this morning by adding "an extra drop" of the numbing drop and letting me sit a little longer, but it is the speculum that prevents my eye closing.  My eyelid is tender. 

Do I wish I could quit - yes.  Would I? Not on your life.  I just thank God each day that I can have this procedure done!


Judy said...

I can't even imagine what you are going through. I can barely stand to put drops in my eyes--I can't stand for my eyes to be touched! Do you think you may need cornea transplants at some time. My ex has had two--he had some sort of herpes in his eyes.

Marti said...

That sounds so miserable, but your sight is worth it. Hope it is better now, or at least tolerable.

Jeanette said...

Too bad you have to get the shots, but thank goodness for modern medicine!

Sally said...

I surely hope that you don't lose your eyesight! I'm here from Judy's blog, and I see Jeanette is a friend of yours also.

Will pray for your eyes.