Saturday, April 05, 2014

So where have I been?

Pretty much - no where.  I didn't go to my sewing club on Thursday.  The weather had been predicted to have severe storms, so I didn't want to be in that, and the project didn't hold any interest for me.  I didn't like the design they were using, I have better, and I have made many pillowcases.  So, there was no reason to go.  Plus - I didn't need anything from Costco.

Yesterday I had the pleasure (not) of going to the eye doctor for another laser treatment on the other eye.  I thought the left might have been bad because that eye gets poked once a month.  Was I ever wrong!  The right eye hurt just as much as the left.

She has four of us scheduled.  Her little waiting area holds four people.  Not husbands and wives.  A wife was back there with her husband.  At first I thought she was there for moral support.  That was before she tried to go in with him when he was called for the laser. 

She then went to one of the assistants.  I couldn't hear what she was saying, until the assistant asked her how long something had been going on.  Then when her husband was finished, she hit up the doctor.  She wanted a consultation right there, without an appointment, and probably for free!!

That bugs me on so many different levels, but mostly because we have to wait such a long time anyway.  A drop is put in the eye to constrict the pupil, and she waits an hour for that to take effect.  She said the longer the better.  Then there is the time for the procedure.  She schedules these appointements for 11.  That means we don't get out until about 1 or later. 

So enough of that rant.

Then I picked up the medication for my eye, and the second batch of the pictures that we managed to save from the Alaska trip.  I thought about half were lost when this computer crashed, but they were all there!  Other vacations and completely gone, and the Outer Banks is half around,

Anyway there was a special deal to have prints made, and I want to do a scrap book, so I printed (a total of 350) the pictures.  I couldn't decide what to cull even though for most folks the scenery really looks much the same.  Let's face it - glacers are glacers.  Denail was fog enshrouded the whole time.  Really there was fog most of the time we were there!!

Today I, once again, got up early for me especially on Saturday.  My number 2 grandson had a program.  I forgot his program at Christmas!!  I wasn't about to miss this one.  It took as long to get to the program as the program lasted.  Four year olds are so cute!

Such an exciting time.



I loved watching all the programs that my granddaughters did, and hope to see all of the ones from the GG'S.

Judy said...

I love going to the grandbabes programs. I sure miss the fact that I can't for my younger grandbabes.