Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Well, finally

One of our television gurus finally gave a pollen report yesterday.  Now I know what is out there.  And yes, it is ash, as well as elm and a few others.  The others don't bother me so much because there aren't that many around.  But ash - we have two huge trees in our yard.  While most of the other trees in the neighborhood are oak, there are a goodly number of ash trees.  So I am miserable.

Last night I awoke to strange sounds.  Since Shadow sleeps we me, I thought there was something wrong with him.  No,  it was me!!!  I was gurgling and wheezing!  I guess I am in worse shape than I thought.

The benydril is beginning to work I think because I am not sneezing as much.  I have coughed so much that my  core muscles are sore.  Shows how out of shape I am.


Judy said...

If your cough gets too bad you have to go see your Doc. I have heard of others having this and it can turn into bronchitis!!! Be safe Sweetie.


I got up in middle of night to use my nebulizer...eeeek