Wednesday, February 05, 2014

I'm baaaaaaack!

Finally, but things are hectic anyway.  I guess that should be expected!  You can't go away for a week and a day and not have your schedule full when you come back.

A few years ago, we knew we needed to replace the downstairs a/c-heater.  The company we have used for years and was recommended to us by a friend who did our repair until he got hurt, sold us on this fancy, dancy computerized, high effeciency unit.  I loved it - at first.

To be able to program temperatures, and even have the unit automatically change from air to heat was great - especially in this area where we can use both systems in one day. We began having problems with it changing to air conditioning.  It would display a red light on the thermostat that there was a problem - low pressure switch.  Whatever that means.

In these parts, no a/c is much more of a problem.  Our fireplace will provide plenty of heat if the heat it off, but ...

Anyway - the latest is that the coils had developed a leak, and they had to be replaced.  I was afraid that it would cost a fortune, but the company (grudgeling) covered it.  So that was yesterday!

Today is fixing the handle on the dishwasher. It is a stupid little plastic handle that attaches to metal with two measly screws.  We will eventually have to replace it because of this handle and the little plastic plugs that hold the front on the inside of the unit!

Tomorrow, G will have out-patient hand surgery.  I hope this one works.  He has carpral-tunnel - again!  So I am keeping my fingers crossed, and dreading having to get up at the butt-crack of dawn!  I have a great schedule.  I read until about midnight, sleep until about 8.  Not tomorrow!

So this is my week home!


Judy said...

I have the same schedule--except I like to sleep until 9:00 and try to schedule all appointments in the afternoon. I can't even maneuver or talk until at least 10:30!!! Have fun, LOL

Marti said...

I have Judy's schedule, except I set my alarm for 6:45 so I can catch the news and a tv program I like. But I usually fall asleep in the middle of the tv show and wak up about 9 when a show starts with really annoying theme music.