Tuesday, February 18, 2014


That's how I feel today.  In fact, almost everyone I know feels Bleh.  There is something out there blooming, and we are suffering.

At first, I thoght I had picked up a cold virus when I was shopping for Grandson #2's birthday.  After all I was in the toy department AND the picked over Valentine part of Target.  A breeding ground for bugs!

I wasn't all that careful about not touching my eye, nose, and mouth after I left.  I certainly didn't follow all the rules I had set during chemo!!  So, when my throat was hurting Thursday night, I assumed....  But then you know the saying that goes with assume.

This stuff is still handing on.  I really am pretty sure it is an allergy (allergies?)especially since during Sunday School (we call learning curve because it is really Catechism class for the kids) one of the others came in and said the tree pollens are kicking in.

I should have known since my car was covered with ash tree bloooms when I got in it to go to Grandson #2's party.

And the party - I wasn't looking forward to it, but after missing #3's party, I thought I had better go especially since it was less than 15 minutes from me!  It was at a place that has the blow-up bouncy things, and that was good.  The attendees were from age 18 months to, well let's face it, 68 (me).  Many of the adults went on the blow-up things "with their kids."

They have a rock climbing wall.  Grandson #1 decided he wanted to try it.  Well, he is a bit chunky, and even though parents don't see it - not really fit.  He didn't get far.  Then daughter gave it a try.  She got a little further, but she doesn't have the hand strength.  Then my 6foot 8 inch son gave it a try.  He made it to the top and rang the bell!!  As he said - climbing telephone poles (which he occasionally has to do for work) helps.  I think his height also helped.  We teased him saying that he could ring the bell just standing on the floor!

Oh and the latest.  Daughter bought a new scale.  Their old one only went to 250.  When she got on the new one, she said her weight was comparable to the old one.  SIL got on.  He's the one bragging about losing 30 pounds in a month.  Yeah.  When the old scale went around a second time, he thought it was just measuring what was over 250.  He suddenly realized he was over 300 pounds because rather than weighing the 260 he thought he weighed, he weight 280.  He was strangely silent on Sunday!

And so I will close wheezing and sneezing.  I am  almost  jealous of all of you living where there is snow clinging to the ground.  There wouldn't be all this pollen.  But then - I have no idea how to survive in all that snow.  I still am trying to sent you warmth.

One last thing - I think the a/c is fixed.  I will tell you some more about that tomorrow.  Ah, such excitement here in the attic!


Marti said...

Your post titles are cracking me up! But I do feel for you. I hope it's just allergies and not a cold or worse.

That thermostat thing would drive me nuts. Do you have to pay a service fee every time they come out to adjust it? That would have me growling too.

Judy said...

Karen--everyone here is having sinus problems and nothing is blooming! We think it might be all the dry indoor air we are breathing. I have NO allergies and even I am sniffling. BAH on this winter!!

Cheyenne said...

I have been wearing a Breathe-Right strip to sleep for the past few nights and it has helped me a lot. I was waking up breathing through my mouth and after I was up I blew my nose gently and it bled. Must be all that dry air.