Saturday, February 15, 2014

Same old stuff

The most exciting thing I have done in the last couple of days is to change the drapes in the master bedroom.  The ones there had been there 30 plus years, and never fit exactly.  They just barely covered the window width.  Shadow loves to get in that window because it gets the afternoon sun, and he would cause them to separate.  That meant that there would be a bright light coming through in the morning even though they were insulated/black out drapes. Rotten cat!

The excitement is that in my younger days, I put the rod at ceiling level.  I am no longer young.  I had a heck of a time getting that rod down, and in the meantime, it being a cheap little rod, bent.  I balanced precariously on the 3 foot step ladder.  In fact, at one point it  began to tilt.  That sent ideas through my head that were not fun!  I was wondering about perhaps a broken hip.  I tend to forget that I am no longer young and pliable! That thought hits me every time I miss the "killer step " on the stairs - otherwise known as the bottom step.  You would be surprised how many miss that step.

I am trying an experiment with this laptop.  I have tape some paper over the middle mouse pad that is built in.  It isn't perfect, but it is working better than I thought it might.  Plus I figured out thay t my auto spell check wasn't doing its job!  I  can just imagine how badly written all previous posts are!

Today is my son's eldest boy's birthday party.  My DIL sort of amazes me. She is hell-bent on having a birthday party for each child every year.  I missed the youngest one's last month.  It was held in Katy which is quite a drive from here.  Plus I, in my old age prissiness , am put out with the folks who opened their home for it.  Seems like DIL had a surprise party in May at their house.  Finding out that little info was a surprise to us!!  We (and Daughter) were not invited.  So Holdie is only two - he didn't know or care who was there!

I think the cold virus has finally found me.  Two nights ago, my throat was scratchy and I was cold all day.  Being cold in itself is an unusual condition for me.  All the mold counts and pollen counts are low so I don't think I can blame this one on allergies.  I probably picked up the virus at  the store when I shopped for the birthday present.  I am sure all the toys were covered with the bugs!

Have a great rest of the weekend - or if you are still up to your armpits in snow - try to have a good weekend!




hope you are feeling better and it's not the flu ..

Marti said...

I'm glad you didn't' tip over on that step ladder! I've missed that bottom step more times than I'd care to admit too, at least on the Werner step ladder. My ugly step ladder has a tall handle that has saved me many times.

I hope you feel better soon. This weather is just right for causing a cold though. I wish it would decide whether it is going to stay warm or cold.