Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Just too much excitement!

I figured out why people retired today.  It is so they have time for all the doctor appointments that the old bodies need!!  This week, after having to change a bunch around, I have three!

Last week I told you about the blood drawing fun. That was for the cardio doc on Thursday.  I am hoping that there was enough blood!  The best part about that one is I plan a trip to Costco after the appointment.  I love their selection of stuff.  When I joined, they threw in a cookbook of Costco items, and there are some really good sounding things there.  I am not a fish eater - especially if it's "fishy,"  but I know they have halibut.  I discovered halibut when we were in Nova Scotia.  Loved it!!  In fact I think I ate it every night we were there!

So yesterday was eye doc, Part 1.  The plain jane (oops she is a female too) eye doc.  My pressures were up.  I was taken off glaucoma meds quite a while ago because I have thickened corneas.  That condition mimics glaucoma, but this doc thinks that I now have glaucoma.  Why not? Let's add  something else. So my pressure in the left (of course) eye was elevated.  Instead of adding another med, she wants to do a laser therapy.  So that's planned for the first Friday in March (because we have to take another trup to the SSB).

Today was the retinal folks.  Yesterday Dr G said that according to research, I will be getting these injections in the old eyeball for the remainder if my life.  Oh, goody.  I asked her with all this other stuff, couldn't we just do an eyeball transplant! 

The injection went as usual.  They dialated both eyes however to check them out - again.  So I couldn't see woth a darn, and we stopped by the grocery store since we had very little around.  It is once again cold (I know - for you too, but come on!!) and we wanted venison stew tonight. Had the meat, just no vegies.  Bet my kids would be jealous if they knew.  I am sure there are more than 100 calories in a bowl of stew!

Tomorrow is a fun day/  Lunch with a friend from church while we discuss the "Christmas In July Baby Shower" the group that works with young (teen) pregnant girls helping them finish school, and not get pregnant again!  While I love what they do, the group is getting on my last nerve.  They set the time and date..   We have made diaper cakes for each firl in attendance in the past, but when we ask for a good idea of the number of girls they expect - it is around 15.  Only 5-6 come. 

Last year they even advertised on their facebook and other internet site to get girls to come.  Wrong on so many levels.  This year I am going to suggest we make one that is super nice, and it is a prize for a game.

We do a "noisy offering" at church.  This is the first Sunday, and it is loose change that has been saved for a month .  We collect it in coffee cans, so we shake those coins while we pass.  Each group we help gets two months.  Those folks cashed the check, then made it seem to Minister Sister that we didn't send them the check.  My daughter is treasurer, and she was hot!!!

The dear sweet woman with the constant scowl on her face that I cannot stand is "THE volunteer coordinator" for the group.  That's how she says it too.  It is a job that no one else wanted - I was in attendance at the meeting (first and last after that).  She does nothing to facilitate commnication between the church and the group. 

So that's my life and my week.  Just so much excitement!!!


Judy said...

Church people with constant scowls on their face, give Christians a bad name, LOL. OUCH on the eye injections--I don't know how you stand it!!!!!

Jeanette said...

Jeez! Lots of doctor appointments. Hope you get to relax for the rest of the week!