Monday, February 17, 2014


Warmer weather has come to us.  That means no heat.  Don't be jealous - I will explain.  Last night was also Family Dinner - at my house.  All this equals angst.  So I thought I would share a picture. This is what we saw shortly after switching from heat to a/c because the house was warm after using the oven.  This is the SAME thing we have been fighting for years, and I hoped after they changed the coils it would be taken care of.  Nope.  Not at all.  Nada!

 The company is on their way - again.  Once this is corrected for this year, it will be ok for the remainder of the summer.  But wait - we are not in summer.  We will have more cold.  We will need the heat.  And ...  you guessed it.  We will see the red screen of death yet again most likely.

While I was at it getting a picture of the red screen of death, I was perched on that step of death.  This is the infamous death step.  That innocent lo oking final stair step, but in its heart is just waiting for people to miss it - and sprain an ankle (my son recently), slam into the wall (or possibly break a hip in the fall) - me,  I forgot to get a picture of the wall across the way.   I would say my daughter misses it also and falls, but then even when she lived here she would fall - usually going UP the steps.

Looks innocent doesn't it.  Also note the baby gate at the top of the picture. Actually that is a "dog gate" to keep Clyde (or Simone when she was alive) from going upstairs.  The gap is an emergency escape for Shadow.

Now that doesn't mean Shadow needs it.  He has Clyde bamboozled.  Poor dog.  He isn't sure of that creature.  It will suddenly swell up to twice its size and hiss.  Either that or a "puppy grenade" goes off around him scaring the stuffing out of him!

So what excitement is going on around your house on this President's Day? 



I need a fishing net stretched across the bedroom door to catch the cats when they go flying off the bed to race down the hall.

Cheyenne said...

No excitement here today...just chilling on a super cold day once again.