Saturday, February 08, 2014

Rocking along

I hate to even post this, but  -   we are in for a warm up.  We will be going to more seasonable temperatures!  And are we glad.  And really, I am not gloating.  I would gladly share some of this with you, and this summer I would be more than glad to send you part of our high 90s to low 100s.  I know that's what coming!

I found this on Facebook. Seems we can't even get normal snow.  We got some type that begins with a g.  It was explained that it begins as a snow flake, but as it travels through moisture, it forms a little ball.  I didn't get to see it falling, but when I was looking in the eaves of the houses as we neared home - it looked strange.  When I asked my daughter about it before I saw this, she described it as dippin dots!

The bandage comes off G's hand today.  From here on it's just a band-aid.  He is beginning to be able to use it some.  The doctor said he put a lot of  numbing agent in it.  It was hard to do anything because his fingers felt like his mouth after a dental procedure.

Back to the topic of everything these days, next week is the mass doctor appointments for me.  I see my eye doc on Monday, and I am glad.  My eye that is getting the injections (which I get on Tuesday) is hurting. I feel like someone hit me in the eye.  Anyway, as I said Tuesday the greatest thrill - the eye injection.  Thursday I go to the cardio-doc.   I just love doctor's appointments.

Getting ready for the cardio-doc, I went to the lab to have my blood drawn.  Since I can only have procedures done on the left because of the mastectomy, I am very protective of my arm and its blood vessels.

I was lucky (??) enough to get a student working with the "vampire."  I know everyone needs practical experience.  Really.  But with only one arm that can be used - I don't want to think about what the alternative would be to that arm if all the veins are blown. 

The one teaching stuck me in a place I had never been stuck before.  She went to the lateral part of the elbow rather than in the middle where most go.  I was a little nervous, but it actually hurt less. The "teacher" stuck me, and the student attached the vacutainers.  OK.

EXCEPT she forgot to draw enough blood for the ordered tests.  So I was to be stuck again.  The student was going to go back into the same area.  Nope - not allowed, so they went to the hand.  That one hurt, and she didn't get the butterfly in the vein properly.  So they probably only got about 1 millileter.  Great.  They have the ruling that they can only stick the patient twice, and so it was over.

I just hope they can get enough out of the two vials and basically a little capillary tube to run the tests.  I really don't want to have to go again.

My daughter, SIL,  and DIL are on this diet coach thing.   Supposedly SIL lost something like 20 pounds in two weeks.  I really would have liked to witness those weigh-ins.  I know men can lose weight faster than women, but...   Really??  I have walked this earth long enough and lost and gained enough weight that I know this is a little far fetched.  The up side about having to listen to them talk about : I ate this and that, Astrid said ..., the exercise CD did.."  is that I don't have to host family dinner!!  They are so wrapped in this lo-cal that they do the meals.

Meanwhile, I AM cutting back.   I don't exercise because most of the exercises require floor work.  I can't get on the floor- well, I can, but I can't get up without kneeling.  And I don't want to aggravate my deteriorating back.  I have been losing a couple of pounds a week.  I don't feel that I am being deprived.  After all these years, I have heard it all.  I haven't always listened, but I am putting some of those ideas into action.  A couple of pounds a week is OK with me!


Judy said...

Holy Cow!! Two pounds a week would be 104 pounds in a year!! It would be funny and "in your face" kind of thing if you lost more than they did with their fancy diet and exercise and coach.

Marti said...

I got queasy just reading about your blood draw experience! Ugh.

And then I had to laugh about the upside to their diets. We don't have any family meals here, but I can see that it would get old having to host on a regular basis.

I heard about those little snow pellets on tv. I forgot what they called them though. They had a funny name for them.