Saturday, November 23, 2013

A few Q's and A's

First question(s) - Have I been gone so long from Blogger/ and what the heck have they done now???

I don't think there is a good answer to this.  I haven't been away for that long, and they have changed stuff until I had to spend a lot of time just logging in!  Sometimes I hate blogger.  Then I become accustomed to their changes, and it's ok.

Second question - so where have I been?

We came to the SSB on Monday.  I have been working with the Women's Group at church during a lot of this week because a church member was admitted to the hospital, and will have surgery.  So we were asked to provide the family with food.  Well - the first person dropped the ball and didn't contact the wife.  There wasn't anyone to volunteer for the second day, and the wife decided she didn't want food for the remaining time.  Thank heavens for the internet.   Then she decided food for the rest of the time past the weekend would be good.  So....

Third question - done anything interesting/exciting

The weather has turned vicious here.  The temperature has been hovering around freezing for two days with a fine mist/sleet.  I know - this is nothing for a lot of you, but for this gal it is bad, really bad.  My SIL came up yesterday - for two days - and invited me into town.  She and her daughter are starting a small business to rent vignettes to photographers in Austin.  The SIL/husband to these two is an excellent wedding photographer who utilizes these things in his photography, and they have found there is probably a market to rent these things to other photographers.

When we left, we knew it was cold, but the rain/sleet wasn't supposed to  hit until we theorized we would be back home here in the hills.  We were wrong.  It was so cold in town.  Out here we had what could be termed in Texas a toad strangler rain.  We have dirt/rock roads.  We traversed about four quagmires on our trip home with the associated "spin-outs" even with the four-wheel drive.  As my son says, four wheel drive gets you stuck twice as far off the road.

Question four - what haven't I accomplished?

Easy-peasy.  We were going to try to recondition the cat to desensitize him to Clyde.  That hasn't happened, and probably won't happen.  We heard from daughter today.  She doesn't want to put her dogs into boarding for a week, so they have cancelled their trip to San Antonio and will be coming directly here.  One thought was to come tomorrow, leave the dogs with us (oh, heck no! We have enough with Clyde on the frozen steps) and go to San Antonio.  But when we said to not travel to the Hill Country on Sunday because there are winter storm warnings out for tomorrow into Monday, they decided to kill the San Antonio trip.  The only one who will probably be upset will be SIL's mom unless the family was looking forward to them buying the goodies for a big Thanksgiving dinner for who knows how many - at least 12.

What am I doing for the rest of the day?

Hoping this will save since there is ice on my dish that brings me the world.  I have been getting error messages all through this post, and going over to SIL's to visit with her sister and BIL.  Then coming home, building a fire, and eating Shrimp Etouffee. 

Catch you later!


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Judy said...

I have noticed NO changes on blogger--perhaps it is your connection? Texas hill country does not sound like a good place to travel with the icy/mist/rain in my opinion. How do you desensitize a cat?