Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Yes - I do exist

Things got hectic for a while, and we are finally home with two 99% completed bathrooms.  That means what came out has to go back!

I will post pictures of various things soon, but as usual with me - there are problems about,

Thanksgiving was hectic, and I was really thankful that son and family (and little puppy) didn't come.  We were FULL as it was.  When you add two more boxers to the mix - even if they are small, a smallish house becomes tiny!

While there, I decided to add a program to my "new" laptop because I was getting pop-ups on my email page.  It warned me that removing some of the apps would take out some of the things that were needed to get on-line. Never happened before, and I have used this program for years.  Well - you guessed it.  So I am off to the computer repair with the old Dell to see if they can get the pictures off the Dell and get the other back on line.  Geesh.  Try to be good, and this is what happens.'

So I am on my little 7 inch computer which is really supposed to be for my embroidery and sewing stuff.  It's toy keyboard is killing me.  So with a promise (if you care) that I will be back soon - I will!

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Judy said...

She DOES exist!!...and survived Thanksgiving! Dang computers--you cannot trust a thing on them! LOL