Tuesday, November 05, 2013

New bathroom - day 2

I was going to get day 2 of construction, but I wanted to delete Alaska pictures from the camera.  Since there were so many, it took a while, and today was the wondrous eyeball puncture day.  So no pics of yesterday's work.

I will get some this afternoon. There won't be much difference really.  The horrid formica counter is gone as well as the mirror - which is leaning against my side of the bed.  The framing of the new shower is there, and there has been jack hammering for the new drain.  The new fixture and shower head are in place.  But really you don't notice much difference.

Clyde was a MOST unhappy camper yesterday.  I was doing my laundry - finally.  So since I couldn't get into the bedroom to put things away and hung, the couch was covered.  That's HIS place.  I know Simone is looking down from doggie heaven really cursing me.  She wasn't allowed on the couch.  I would imagine when Clyde climbs into bed, she is really incensed!  But he had to be on his leash all day.  Bummer for the doggie.

I couldn't get to see Shadow until late last night.  I wanted to go up and work, but I felt I had to help with Clyde.  This morning we went up to change the litter.  I cannot find that cat.  All the noise yesterday and the noise today have sent him into a scared cat delirium.

I asked the contractor for a general time line.  I would love to think what he said would be for both bathrooms, but I am afraid it is only the one, but he said two and a half weeks, depending on Christian, our building inspector.  He can be a twit.

And when Christian does come, he will remark on our stair case.  He will say it is supposed to have a railing or at least a higher wall on the side.  Well - sorry Christian.  It has been like this for twenty plus years!

At church on Sunday, I was laughing with another woman about when we can write our names in the dust on the table it is time to clean house.  They are gone a lot to the lake.  Well - I don't think I will ever be rid of dust again!  They tried - but dust is so insidious.

And to the music of a jack hammer, I will say goodbye!


Marti said...

I can relate. Poor kitty. That's the weird thing about our cat. Power tools don't bother him at all.

Judy said...

My cats hide under the bed when noises are involved.

Marti said...

I know what you mean about sitting amid the dust. The time is coming soon when I won't be able to do this anymore. We did have someone come do the texturing on the ceiling and some walls. Long, ugly story, but Hubby had to redo it. As we finish one room, I clean it. I didn't think I'd ever get the dust out of the bedroom, but I think it's clean - for now.


any loud noise here sends the entire town of West including pets to the floor..the rr tracks go right thru town and they uncouple trains all the time and it makes a loud boom noise and every time it happens.Dexter and I hit the floor.