Friday, November 15, 2013

Two weeks

We are at the end of the second week of having adopted our contractor and his guys.  I remember last year when my neighbor embarked on this same project that I thought they had adopted the guy (notice the singular noun??) who did the same things we are having done.  It seemed like he becbame part of the family.  I would swear he was there for months working on bathrooms!

But there is marked progress.  Because V wanted the tile in the shower to be awesome - and not adding another tile to the mix, he made a pattern with the tiles we are using.  That means his guys had about fifteen million cuts to make on the tile.  If you have ever tiled or had tile put in, you know there are many cuts to begin with - around doors and other structural items.   We just added to those!

This morning, before they arrive, we have the entire master tiled.  They have textured the walls where there was wall paper.  It is sad that wall paper is out of favor once again.  I actually love wall paper, and I will miss that in the hall bath especially since my son helped me pick it out.  I re-papered those walls in the baths!

As the work continues, the dust grows as well.  It will take the rest of my life to get rid of this dust.  This is a task I am not looking forward to. I'm really not looking forward to putting all the junk back into the cabinets either.  I had the immature idea that it could stay - I didn't need the interiors painted, but then I changed my mind.  Taking the stuff out that has accumulated for periods of time up to 38 years isn't my idea of fun - but that sort of thing hasn't been in my top fifty for many years now. 

The longer I put it off because the cancer and treatments made me too tired, or my joints screamed most of the time meant it has been years since I have done a good cleaning out of cabinets and closets.  They became depositories of hurriedly stashed stuff that I didn't know where else to put.  So I am paying the price of that now.  I pretty much have just stashed the stuff in garbage bags and figure that I can sort it as it is time to put it back.  Then the garbage bags will be of use again!

On Monday we will be heading to the SSB until after Thanksgiving.  That is two long weeks. Of course, that depends on what the orthopedist says this morning about Lady Bug.  Last week (and thank heavens it wasn't when her parents were in Italy) she went to a trampoline place that is set up for early teens on Friday nights.  Trampolines + pre-teens (especially the boys)  = injuries.  And she was injured.  She has a weak ankle as it is.  During a swim meet, someone, somehow managed to step on her ankle.  Don't really know about that one.  Anyway, it seems that if someone is jumping on a trampoline, someone can cause the jump to be stopped by also jumping at the same time.  She came down - hard - and twisted her ankle.  A week later, it is still swollen, bruised, and very, very sore.  She had an  MRI a couple of days ago, and as I write this she is at the orthopedist to get the results.  To summarize this - IF there is major damage that means surgery, I am not sure I am going to be gone for those two weeks.

So life continues around here.  I am looking forward to my remodeled bathrooms.  A completely re-done master with no tub - just a nice walk in shower, and the hall bath finally with the ADA toiled that I have put into the SSB master, and this master.  (I use the hall bath - and suffer) And between Thanksgiving and Christmas I will be putting all the stuff back into the cabinets with more order and less stuff! 


Judy said...

I know it's a mess, but it will be so worth it!!! I am so sorry for the grand child getting hurt. I hope her ankle will only require some taping or perhaps a soft cast until it gets better.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


it only gets better..hope you have happy holidays.