Monday, November 04, 2013

And it begins

When I was about 20 years younger, I would be so excited with this remodel, but it hit me last night just what we are in for.  G began emptying the cabinets in the master (his) bath, and I started taking things off the counter.  It hit me that I wouldn't be able to take my meds in there or brush my teeth in there for a while, and WE would be sharing the hall bath.  We are used to double sinks, and he is used to being able to "sit on the john" for extended periods.  That changes today for an unknown period.

I know our contractor doesn't like to waste time.  He likes to get in, get done (and he does exemplary work) and get out.  The master will have the most work done, so it will take a while.

Right  now I am listening to them chip out tile.  I wonder what will happen with the tub.  It will go to be replaced by a big walk in shower.  It is enamel over iron.  It is a quality tub.  Oh, my the noise then.

Say some prayers for us!!!!  We will need them before this is over.
This was in Anchorage.  But this is why I dread sharing a bathroom with one sink.  At least the counter is MUCH bigger.  This is all of G's stuff.  I have nothing there.

I did take some before pictures.  And this is not the way it usually looks - not quite this bad.  We were in the midst of taking things out.
 This is a view of the tub/toilet area.  There's nothing special of the area to the right - just a tub.  BUT that's where the big change will happen.  It should be nice.  The tile you see on the wall is being taken out right now.  We decided to re-tile the walls rather than just sheet rock them.  The floor is 40 year old terrazzo, and while I am glad it was white rather than green like my daughter's house, it is dated.  If we are doing what we are doing - then it needs to be updated too.
This is a view from the bedroom into the dressing area.   That ugly cord on the left HAS to go.  I am so used to it, I don't even pay attention anymore, but now ugh!  Like I said, we have begun getting rid of things on the counter because that horrid black, textured formica has to go! Plus  both sinks and faucets will be replaced.  They are dated, and wonderful G was able to make his rust when he wouldn't wash the salt water out of it when he would rinse post mouth surgery.  He is such a help!!  Anyway - the cabinets will stay but with a fresh coat of paint, and the mirror will stay but with a frame.  The rest GOES!

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Judy said...

You are going to LOVE your new big walk-in shower. Did you get a seat for it? Hand rails? Gotta have all that stuff going forward into old age, LOL.

You are lucky--we only have ONE bathroom, so when they put in my big shower, we couldn't pee all day. I wanted until they went to lunch and hurried in there. After that, I went down to my neighbors!

It will be worth it!!