Sunday, November 17, 2013

Stressed and angry

We are leaving tomorrow for the SSB.  It will be nice to get away from the dust and all.  I don't like having that huge mirror leaning on the chest on my side of the bed.  I am such a spaz that I am afraid I will lose my balance, and well...

The hall bath will be done while we are gone. That means  the cabinets had to be cleaned out this weekend.  I really thought I would get some help.  There are the three under the sink cabinets, two pie shaped ones above, Three floor to ceiling double cabinets against the wall, and then the regular one in the tub area.  I was thrilled with storage 38 years ago when we moved in, but that was then and this is now.

I know I should do a regular cleaning of my closets and cabinets yearly.  But I haven't felt like it in at least 10 years.  When you get that far behind it is a major chore.  That's where I am now.

It took me over four hours yesterday, and I still have some stuff in the vanity area to bag (not thinking ahead,  I am having to use garbage bags to hold things) what I took out.  We have at least three garbage bags full of trash outside.  I am treating this as if we were down-sizing and moving. 

So why am I angry?  I thought the Lord and Master would be getting off his duff to help.  He sat and watched three football games while I was in there.  At least he did remove the garbage when I filled the smallish can and put it into big bags, but that was the extent.

I ended up working to the point I was nauseated.  When I told him,  he didn't even hear me.  When I went to the bedroom to try to quell the nausea (and I have no idea where my precious hoarded anti-nausea pills are),  heard him finally get off his duff and say "where are you?"  When he discovered me - his question was "are you OK?"  I wanted to hit him.  I really did.  I replied - "I told you I was not!"

So today I have the remaining vanity area and the tub portion to do.  Want to take bets on how much help I will be getting?????


Judy said...

He probably didn't think he's be much help to you because he didn't know what you wanted to pitch and what you wanted to keep. (I am giving him an excuse.)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Cheyenne said...

When you come back from SSB you can come up here and clean out my cabinets and closets. It hasn't been done since we moved in and more things keep finding their way into them. It's a racket.