Monday, November 11, 2013

SO where have I been?

I have a good excuse or two - really I do.  Last week was body maintenance week.  It was the monthly eyeball-puncturing time, as I said in the last post.  Things are going well - just not well enough to be allowed six weeks between appointments.  The alternative isn't something that would sit well with me -  blindness.

It was also my visit with Dr Poison.  Things there are going well - even if the Ca27.29 (the breast cancer marker in the blood) has risen to 31.  As long as it is below 38, but I was questioned about new pains, energy level and the like.  My blood pressure was great, and the nagging blood sugar was low.  I think I may have been effected by Lipitor if you want to know the truth - but proving it.  Don't think that will happen.

We completed week one of the re-do.  It hasn't been easy.  I have what most people would envy.  A lot, lot, lot of storage in my bathrooms.  Well - that means when it has to come out - it just kind of explodes all over the house.  The dust it about an inch thick now, and will only get worse.

The rats that G has been hearing in the attic weren't his imagination.  Last week, I heard a noise in the bathroom.  It was down  to the studs, and the plumbers had opened a small hole in the ceiling.  I opened the door, and in the roughed in shampoo holder spot was ... a rat.  Not a mouse, a big rat.  I am glad the door was closed, and I think I scared it more than it scared me, and that caused it to retreat into the attic,  I was quiet about my discovery, and they closed in the walls that day.  I called the vermin people on Thursday, and they will be here this week to set out traps again.  I really thought we had them under control, but the danged squirrels have chewed new holes that the rats have taken full advantage of.  Darn - so I guess we keep out contract with them to do yearly inspections and get rid of the things.

So here are pictures from last week:
All my hard working with the wall paper (15 years ago) is gone - it is all down.  The mirror is off the wall - leaning against the dresser, and the horrid formica (black textured stuff) is gone.

And you see the carpet is also gone.  Still in place are the cabinet pulls that will be replaced as well.  I need 42 for both bathrooms.  Yuck.  They run at least $2 a piece.  I do have some towel holders purchased as well as toiled paper holders that are cool, cool, cool!  That is the closed door to the tub/toilet area.  The granite has been chosen.

This is the roughed in shower stall.  That will be the bench.  This must have been post rat because we still don't have dry wall in this picture.

This is the alcove for the ADA toilet that was already in place and will be put back.  Looking at this makes me wonder if we will EVER be put together again.

And of course, everyone should have the ADA toilet in the middle of the bedroom.  Notice the accumulation of dust in the foreground.  Isn't that lovely.  Perhaps I can start a new trend.  If I were my mother in law, I would be standing there all day to clean off that dust.  Probably some of you would be doing that too.  Me?   I would rather read blogs, read Facebook, and do more genealogy than clean it only to have it back in a few minutes.  I know - lazy me.


Cheyenne said...

Yikes! I don't ever want to come face to face with a rat. We have enough cats around the place to take care of those things but all we ever see are an occasional field mouse.

I used to take Lipitor but am now on simvastatin. Statin drugs are really good on one hand but can be nasty on the other hand. Six of one, half a dozen of the other. You can't win.

Jeanette said...

Cleaning before the redo is done is totally a waste of time! I remember when we did my kitchen the mess we lived with for weeks! I didn't touch a thing until it was done. Glad all is going well for you, Karen!

Judy said...

So Lipitor will give you diabetes, or make it worse and tonight on the news, they said everyone should be on statins. I have taken Zocor for about 15 years with no bad side effects, now on generic Simvastatin--but there can be problems so I take CO Q10 to counteracts those problems. The whole taking more pills to counteract the badness of the other ones, just seems to go on and on and are going to love your high profile potty!!!

Marti said...

Your bathroom is moving right along. Looks like the really messy part is done. My next house will have a high profile potty. My knees have already demanded it.

I'm going to have to research Lipitor and blood sugar. Hubby was on it for years and I take a different statin. I keep thinking I'll stick to a diet (or lifestyle "blech") and be able to get off them.

And the rat, eeek! I hear something in my attic too. Thought about putting the cat up there, but that could be a disaster. I need to put Hubby up there with some traps.