Saturday, November 02, 2013

Sluggish Saturday

Last night, I decided that I really have to start attending other grand children's things.  Of course for these older ones, that usually means sports events.  Their dad is a jock, and even though he said he would never force them into sports, Monkey Boy is playing basketball, baseball and doing some water polo.  Huh????

Anyway, I enjoy going to LB's volley ball games.  They are really fun, and she is really good.  I enjoyed her water polo match I saw.  I would go to more of those.  I HATE baseball.  Hate, hate, hate it.  Do you get the idea I hate it?

So I really don't want to go to one of the multitude of games (DURING THE SCHOOL WEEK!!!) that he plays.  Even when I was keeping them, I didn't go to that game, and as soon as Dad landed - he was getting ready to go that game that night.  No pressure though.

I decided I would go to the basketball game today.  The team is really pretty bad.  They got skunked 22-11.  Guess who is the coach.  Yep.  I think MB would do a lot better if Dad wasn't the coach.  But, he is.  SIL finally got his Canadian friend to help coach.  The friend actually played basketball in college, so he has more credentials than the football and baseball for SIL.
I did enjoy the game.  I like basketball, and watching nine year olds play is a hoot!  Ball control is not in their vocabulary, and shooting, well, let's just say it is lacking.

This shouldn't be a sluggish day though, and I should not really be sitting here on the computer.  I will finally HAVE to have family dinner tomorrow night.  I have gotten out of it long enough.  So I really need to get a shovel, and perhaps a high pressure hose and clean out my house.  After Alaska, the reunion, keeping kids at their house, and the SSB things have just gotten thrown around.  G made the comment this morning that soon we will need a larger breakfast table - which was a nice way of saying that there is too much stuff on ours.  And yes there is.  Things, like mail and genealogy, have gotten piled and piled, and , well you may get the picture.  Yes - I allowed that to happen,

It seems as I get older, I procrastinate more and more.  You would think I would "live each day to the fullest" because there aren't all that many left.  But I think the little voice in the back of my head is saying "enjoy your end days."  That means a messy house. 

So - I guess I better head off and get the shovel.  It will take that to dig to the bottom.  But, after I go to Facebook.

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Judy said...

Just one more Face Book game-then I will do some housework, :-)