Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Back to normal

Holy Week is over, and while it is not as busy as when I was organist, it was still busy enough.  G remarked :"we go to church whenever the doors are open."  That isn't really true - just last week was really busy.  Our joint service on Good Friday was really beautiful, and the women of the church stepped up again to bring all sorts of goodies for refreshments.  We always have the fifth Sundays, this time just happened to be Easter!

I was going to go to the brand new donut shop to get donuts for Sunday.  Their opening day was Easter.  On Saturday night (about 8pm) I got to thinking that perhaps this wasn't too good of an idea.  Opening days for a business seldom go well.  So, I got to thinking of what I could make.  Cookies were out of the question - way too much work at that time of night.  Then I remembered the little dough pieces that I had left over from the prepared pie crusts that I used to make some baked apple turnovers.

In my some-time frugality, I just couldn't bring myself to throw that dough away after I used my handy-dandy crimper, and I was too lazy to re-roll it.  So, I remembered things like the Mexican treat I love - puffy pastry covered with cinnamon sugar.  So I took some sugar in the raw and a lot of cinnamon and rolled those little scaps in that mixture.  GOOD!!

That is what I did for church.  You cannot believe the compliments I got on those when I made the pie crusts completely those little thingies.  The sugar mixture would rather not stick, so there isn't much and they aren't very sweet.  A wonderful side effect is the saltiness of the pie dough!  Sweet and rather savory.  Quite a mixture

Today was my monthly stick a needle in my eyeball day.  The doctor is quite pleased with the amount of liquid behind the retina in the left eye.  I told them that I couldn't see close well anymore.  He said that if my regular opthamologist doesn't see a problem with the cataracts (ALWAYS something!), I could get a new pair of glasses soon.  We will continue with the monthly injections (sad), but things are so much better.  So needles in the eye once a month for the low price to me of $122.  I really hope we can start lengthening that time period soon.  But my eyesight is by far more important.

It looks like rain for today and tomorrow.  I will do a rain dance or whatever else is necessary!  We are slipping back into the terrible drought conditions once again.  We need rain about once a week.  We are lucky if we get it once a month.  It has been more like every two months.  We are supposed to be coastal plain - not Gobi desert!

Hope spring is blooming in your area now!  You have had enough of the cold and the snow.


JuJu said...

I would like to eat some of those pie things. :-)

Marti said...

I love those pie crust things and never think to make them when I have leftover dough.

Ugh, I am still squirming about reading about a needle in your eye. Remember when we were kids and the saying Cross my heart and hope to die, a thousand needles in my eye? No ever thought they'd ever have to really do it.

btw, did you get my email about the Texas Mountain Laurel seeds?

judemiller1 said...

What are those Mexican thingies called. Starts with an "S"--I remember that. They sure are good anyway and I remember my Momma letting me use the left over pie crust and I always put sugar and cinnamon on it and baked it. I sure wish I could have some of yours right now--probably none left over--right?