Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Same old story

Here we go again with Simone being the lead off.  Some folks feel that a dog is a dog is a ...    I know that.  Being close with two animal rescue groups, I see what some folks are able to do to their animals.  Sad.

Perhaps I go too far the other way, but she is as close to a child as a dog can be.  Anyway.  She is getting old - very old.  And with that she is getting sick.

The vet told me to give her the anti-nausea pills everyday.  In fact as often as I can.  That means she gets two a day (at $1 a pill!!).  Last night I didn't give her the pill.  I really wanted to see if she could get by with only one.  She couldn't.  Since the SSB, she has been nauseous.  I was thinking it was the water change.  We use well water there, and it is hard water.

Anyway, she  was showing signs of being sick again.  I can look at her eyes and know how sick she is.  Rather than clean up after her in the house again, I let her out.  She goes out and "grazes" then vomits.  So that's what I did.  But while I was doing that, the thought kept creeping in - she probably  needs to be put down.  I am not ready for that even when it really comes.

This morning, she is a chipper girl again.  Her eyes are bright.  She is pretty normal.  She has her pill.   When I think about almost putting her down two months ago, I cringe.  And she has another reprieve -  absolutely.

The weather was terrible here Saturday.  While we didn't get the worst part (7 inches) of the rain, we did get some heavy rain with deadly lightening.  So why is this a biggie?  Because we were supposed to go to a fund raiser where my son's band was playing.  I so wanted to see him.  Guess what.  We didn't go.

So we decided that when the drought gets bad again, I will shell out $50 for tickets that we don't use.



hope she continues to get better

Cheyenne said...

What would we do without our pets? I know I would be lost without even one of my four cats. I pray Simone stays strong and gets better.

Marti said...

I'm so glad she perked up. When I think about the money I spend on the cat and start feeling guilty, I just remember the money we blow buying something that we end up never using - like the wireless print server that was supposed to make it easy to print without having to carry the laptop over to the printer.

You left a comment about your popups. Dh just took his computer to Best Buy for a tune up, and was without it a couple of days. That Geek Squad Protection was the best money we've spent in a long time.

Judy said...

Hang in there Simone--spring and summer are coming!!