Thursday, April 04, 2013

Some good news

When I went for the monthly eye puncturing, they did a more thorough eye exam.  I always hold my breath wondering just how much liquid is behind my retina, and, please no, my right eye hasn't gone from dry to wet macular degeneration.   I have become such a pro at thousands of drops being put into my eyes, I barely flin

I was asked how my vision was.  It seems when they test it - they always test distance vision.  Distance was a problem when I started all this.  But then, the left eye had very little clear vision.  So we do the vision chart, and I am told my vision is improving.

Doing the sewing for the grandkidlets' Easter bags, et. al.  my machine decided that it's poor needle threader wasn't going to work.  I knew I would have to thread that needle manually.  When I was trying to poke that thread into the little, bitty hole, I couldn't do it.  Luckly, years ago I had asked for a lighted magnifier that is on a long arm.  I was able to use that to thread the needle.  Still a pain with each and every thread change.  I soon figured a way to cut down on those!

So when asked, instead of my usual "I think it is worse" response, I said that the close vision was not good.  That was noted.  When the doctor came in, he said that I had progressed a great deal.  I was asked when I last had new glasses.  It was a year ago in July.

He said if my regular ophthalmologist didn't see more of a problem with the cataracts, I could look into new glasses.  It's always something isn't it?  Now it is cataract surgery I am looking at.  Well - I guess a needle stuck into my eyeball has had it's training for me! 


judemiller1 said...

YIKES!! "they" say that cataract surgery is no big deal. I will have to have it in a few years--to me--anything to do with my eyes is a big deal--I even hate to have drops in my eyes and just about want to scream when I have my pupils dialated, but.....glad your vision is improving though!!

JuJu said...

I'm so glad that you got some good news. I know it must be so frustrating for you, so any bit of good is GREAT!

Marti said...

I guess we're all going to have cataract surgery at some time. Makes me wonder what people 100 years ago did. I'm glad there was improvement in your eye. Chalk that one up for the good news.