Saturday, April 27, 2013

Yes, I am actually here!!

Last week we were the proverbial social butterflies.  It seems we do more when we are at the SSB than when we are home.  There is something terribly wrong with this picture!!

We got there on Thursday so that meant that we went to Fredericksburg on Friday to buy groceries.  Then Friday night was the little community club meeting.  That is a depressing meeting.  All the folks there are 60+.  It's not that there are no young folks in the community.  They are there - but they have high school age kiddos.  For those of you who have experienced that, you know there are lots of activities for the kiddos.  And this community is very tight knit - like most small towns.  SO everyone turns out.

Saturday was one part of the family's reunion.  This one is held every year.  This part of the family has spawned about 9 Methodist ministers - either by birth or marriage.  So it is certainly a tee-total thing.  Although, the community club is also across the road from that Methodist church, and all but two other people attend that Methodist church.  Strong beverages will show up there!!

The only reason I mentioned the tee-totaling event was we picked up my younger SIL.  She lives in the property right next to us.  She marches to a different drummer, and always has.  This is partially due to her parents.  She was the last child, only girl, and they let her be a real flower child.  She has gotten in trouble with addictions before.  So - to get to the point.  I noticed in addition to the sweets she had that we were to bring for Kaffee Klatch (we are German after all) she had a beer.  I silently giggled at that until ...  she spilled a little in the back seat.  When she asked for an opener for the next one, I was a little aghast.  But then, some things never change.  She doesn't have a key to our house because I know if she ran out of liquor at her place - she would be at ours to replace what she doesn't have.

We stayed a little differently this time.  Going on Thursday and returning on Thursday isn't our way these days.  It is usually Tuesday to Tuesday.  We stayed because the happy hour that the little community was at one of the other neighbors (and cousin's).  We are close to her. It was her husband that died several years ago from Lou Gehrig's disease.  She has re-married, and they were hosts (but see what I mean about this Methodist community???).

Her house is really easy to find.  You go to the main road, turn left and the first road to the left is hers.  She is the only house on that road.  But SIL didn't think she could find it!!  So we took her.  She  behaved well this time.

Coming back on Thursday really has me confused.  In my mind this should be Thursday or Friday at the latest.  Instead it is a stormy Saturday.  And wouldn't you know it, we are supposed to go out this evening.  And I have already bought the tickets.  We are getting really rough weather, and normally I would love it.  We need the rain so badly.  Again.  But I hate to go out in the rain.

Since it is a benefit, if we don't go, we can deduct the $50 for the tickets.  But if we don't go, I won't hear my son's band.  And I haven't heard his band in years.  It is almost all new people in it.  I really love to hear him, and I really would  like to see him.  Don't care about the Bar-B-Que that is included.  I want to hear the band.

In the meantime I am sitting here watching the lightening and LOUD thunder, wondering if our generator will kick on at any moment when the power fails.  I hear a siren in the distance.  I really hope someone's house didn't get struck.    


judemiller1 said...

Gosh--I hate those kinds of storms. Yeah--we Methodist's are a rather "dry" bunch, Personally, I have never drank in my entire life--I was always the designated driver and after watching so many friends and husband puking their guts out--I knew I didn't want to try it, LOL. My kids make up for it, oldest son and daughter like their beer, my Catholic daughter likes her wine as does my youngest the Lutheran.

JuJu said...

All the things you do while being retired are making me TIRED!

You are one busy lady!